#CBUStaycation Bucket List 2018

The #CBUStaycation Challenge is back and open to all! There’s a new way to enter this year, so don’t forget to check out the rules to learn how to play!

  1. Catch a movie at the Cape Breton Drive In
  2. Test your balance while stand up paddle boarding
  3. Treat yourself to an ice cream
  4. Journey with Mi’kmaw Elders and Knowledge Keepers on a Medicine Walk
  5. Trek to Mary Ann Falls
  6. Go tubing down the Margaree River
  7. Go fishing
  8. Fire up the grill and host a backyard BBQ
  9. Show us your favorite Cape Breton view
  10. Show us your favorite Cape Breton beach
  11. Go out and enjoy a bike ride
  12. Enjoy the sights and sounds of a local musician
  13. Take in a magnificent sunset on the Skyline Trail  
  14. Visit Glooscap’s Cave
  15. Check out the amazing views at White Point Hiking Trail
  16. Take in a show at a local theatre
  17. Tee up on your favorite Cape Breton golf course
  18. Swim at the Gypsum Mines
  19. Savour some Cape Breton fudge
  20. Buy local at a Cape Breton Farmers Market
  21. Hike to the top of Pringle Mountain
  22. Take a selfie with a CBU alumni business owner
  23. Take a dip at Marble Mountain Beach
  24. Go for a hike at the Gull Cove Trail
  25. Have a time at a Cape Breton festival
  26. Pick berries at a local u-pick
  27. Discover the Clyburn Trail
  28. Munch on a donut
  29. Build a dreamcatcher
  30. Enjoy Pondville Beach

When submitting on social media, don’t forget to use the hashtag #CBUStaycation in order to enter! Also, be sure to follow @CBURoadSquad on social media for the most up-to-date information and event schedules all summer long.

1. Let’s head to the big screen

Who doesn’t love a good movie under the stars? The Cape Breton Drive In has some of the newest movies playing every night! You get to enjoy these movies in the comfort of your own car, so bring all the blankets you want and get cozy. The Cape Breton Drive In also offers movie popcorn and lots of other treats available at their canteen, so be prepared to get your snack on. The Drive In is for all ages, so hop in the car and get to the theatre in time for tonight’s shows!

Be sure to follow the Cape Breton University or Cape Breton Drive-In Facebook pages to find out what new movies are playing each week over the summer.

Be sure to take a pic, share it with us and mention what movie you watched!

Movies start at dusk so be sure to get to the Drive-In a few minutes early so you can get a good spot, relax and enjoy the movie.  

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2. When in doubt, paddle it out!

Over the past couple of years, paddleboarding has really gained popularity, and we know exactly  why! Whether it’s a calm morning out on the lake, a hot sunny day or a beautiful Cape Breton evening, paddleboarding is always a good idea.

Have you ever wanted to try paddleboarding but don’t have your own board? No problem! Ollie Around in Sydney River has got you covered for half and full day rentals. You never know, if you like it you may want to add a paddleboard to your list to get for next summer!

Safety First: Remember when it comes to fun near the water, always make sure safety is a priority.

Things to consider when Stand Up paddleboarding:

  • Stability: for your first time you should try to rent/ use a board that will be relatively stable until you get the feel for the sport.
  • Location: it is surprising how even the littlest waves can affect your stability on the board. Consider the calmness of the water you are looking to paddle on as this could affect your first experience.
  • Water current: depending on the wind and water current, you could quickly find yourself far away from your destination or finishing point, keep current and wind in mind as it isn’t hard to underestimate their power!
  • PFD (Personal flotation device): consider wearing a lifejacket if you are planning to go any distance or alone.
  • Sunscreen: be sure to lather up before heading out on the water.

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3. What’s the scoop?

Yes, you read that right! You can complete a #CBUStaycation challenge by eating an ice cream… How much fun is that? Whether you’re gathering some friends to go to a local ice cream shop or having a cold cone at home on a hot day, we want to see your ice cream cones, Cape Breton!

Now, as much as we all love the classic Vanilla and Chocolate, we want to see some creative lookin’ cones. We suggest adding some sprinkles, sauces or show us what you love on your ice cream. Everyone is different!

Where to get ice cream:

  • Bayside Ice Cream – 5839 Seaview Drive, Gardiner Mines
  • Ice Cream Shack – Inverness
  • Jigg’s Ice Cream – 10157 Grenville St, St. Peter’s
  • The Frozen Spoon – 507 Chebucto St, Baddeck
  • Emma’s Favorite – Annie’s Ice Cream Parlor, Sydney
  • Kenzie’s Favorite – Neil’s Harbour Lighthouse, Neil’s Harbour

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4. Journey Through Unama’ki

Unama’ki is the Mi’kmaw word for Cape Breton Island, and loosely translates to “Land of Fog.” All of the beautiful destinations we invite you to visit this summer are located on unceded ancestral Mi’kmaq territory, and it is important to acknowledge and reflect upon this during your adventures.

This summer, honour and embrace the knowledge, wisdom and traditions of the Mi’kmaw people by participating in a medicine walk.

A medicine walk is a guided journey, typically led by an elder or knowledge keeper who will teach you about traditional medicine and the ways in which is has been used throughout history. You will learn about the use of nature in healing and medicine, and hear stories that have been passed down through the Indigenous community for centuries.

Destination Membertou offers a medicine walk through a beautiful wooded trail, followed by a workshop where you get to enjoy traditional bread and tea while creating your own dream catcher! This experience takes approximately three hours and costs $35 per person.

This summer, Destination Membertou has kindly donated a cultural experience package to our Grand Prize Package including a guided medicine walk and dream catcher workshop.

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5. Take a dip at the falls

Looking for a new spot to swim this summer? Be sure to check out Mary Ann Falls along the Cabot Trail in Ingonish. After a short hike (about 5 minutes) you will find these 20 foot high beautiful waterfalls. The water is deep enough to swim, so bring your bathing suit! This is a great place to take the family to enjoy a beautiful CB day.

There are picnic tables near the falls, so you can even pack a nice lunch to enjoy in the sun after swimming.

How to get there:

  • Follow NS-125 W and Trans-Canada Hwy/NS-105 W to Cabot Trail in Victoria, Subd. B
    (64.5 km)
  • Turn right onto Cabot Trail
    22 min (27.1 km)
  • Turn left to stay on Cabot Trail (signs for Ingonish/Cape North)

53 min (59.4 km)

After passing Broad Cove Campground on your right hand side, take the next street on your left. At the fork in the road, continue to the right for 6km on the dirt road until you reach the parking lot. Walk approximately 500m and reach your destination.

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6. Lazy River

Floating down the Margaree river with your friends and family… can you think of a better way to spend a lovely summer day on the Island? Our friends at Live Life in Tents offer half-day tube rentals for you and your friends to take an adventure down the Margaree River.

When you reach the end of the river, Live Life in Tents will have transportation to take you back to your car.

We loved this #CBUStaycation challenge so much, we partnered with Live Life in Tents as part of this year’s grand prize package!

Be sure to wear sunscreen on this adventure!

This activity takes between 2.5 and 3 hours and costs $30.

How to get there:

  • Turn onto the Cabot Trail (signs for Trans-Canada Hwy/NS-105 E/Baddeck)
  • Drive 41.9 km
  • Destination will be on your left.

Pro-tip: If you are going with a group of more than 10 people use the code TUBE10 for $5 off each tubing experience.

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7. Good things come to those who bait

Pack your tackle box with all of the essential fishing gear, head out to the nearest body of water and cast that line! Fishing is a great way to unwind after a hard week and it’s the perfect way to enjoy what nature has to offer. We want everyone of all ages to get out on the water, catch a fish and have a blast this summer!  

Before starting this activity, make sure to pick up a fishing license (if you are attending a fishing derby, you don’t need a license). Fishing licenses can be purchased at your nearby Canadian Tire or Walmart.

Tackle Box essentials:

  • Rod and Reel
  • Line
  • Hooks/Sinkers
  • Bobber
  • Bait

Some recommended spots:

  • The Government Wharf in Baddeck
  • Sydport area outside of Sydney
  • Port Hawkesbury wharf attached to the entrance of the causeway is a popular spot to fish
  • Englishtown Ferry beach is also a great spot to fish!

Where do you love to fish? We’d love to see your favorite spot using #CBUStaycation

Also, don’t forget to pack some sunscreen!

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8. What’s cookin’?

Summer season means BBQ season! Having a backyard BBQ is a great excuse to have your friends and family over to enjoy the warm weather. There’s nothing quite like spending some quality time with your favorite people eating delicious food. Whether you like to barbecue hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, ribs or vegetables, we want to see what you’re cookin’ this summer!

From the help of our sponsor Gillis Home Hardware, you could win a brand new barbeque by entering our #CBUStaycation contest this year!

So get everyone together, fire up the BBQ and enjoy.

Emma’s Favorite BBQ meal – Steak

Kenzie’s Favorite BBQ meal – Chicken

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9. Picture Perfect

We know that everyone has a beautiful Cape Breton summertime view that they dream of during the cold winter months…

Cape Breton’s coastline is teeming with breathtaking views! No wonder our island is recognized worldwide for its pristine beauty

With this much space, there are plenty of picture-perfect views to choose from. We want to see your favorite spot, Capers! Your favorite summer view could be the sun rising on your favorite Cape Breton lake, the end of your favorite hiking trail or the waves crashing one of our island’s beautiful beaches.

Feel free to get creative with this one! Help us share the amazing beauty of our Island.

You might even find a new favorite view this summer while completing more of our #CBUStaycation challenges.

Emma’s favorite view is East Bay Sandbar at sunset.

Kenzie’s favorite view is Port Morion Harbour.

We can’t wait to see your favorite Cape Breton view!

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10. Enjoy a day on a sandy beach

Everyone knows that we have some beautiful beaches located here on Cape Breton Island. Just a few examples of the Island’s greatest beaches include Ingonish Beach, Point Michaud and Cabot Landing Park!  Whether you like to sit and listen to the waves to clear your head after a busy week, relax on the sand with your friends or swim in the refreshing (and sometimes cold) island water with the entire family, we want to see pictures of you enjoying a day at a beach!

Beach Essentials:

  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Water Bottle

Other awesome beaches on the Island:

  • Black Brook Beach
  • Dominion Beach Provincial Park
  • Inverness Beach
  • Kidston Island Beach
  • Mira Gut Beach
  • North Sydney Beach

We can’t wait to see where you’re favorite beach is. Use #CBUStaycation to show us your pick!

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11. The best routes are the ones you haven’t ridden

Getting out in the fresh air is a great way to spend a summer day, but nothing beats going for a nice bike ride. There’s something about riding a bike that puts everything else that is happening on hold for the duration of your ride.

Bike Riding is an accessible activity for all ages and is a great way to exercise during the summer months. You can go biking with your friends, family or by yourself! Whether you bike on a trail, in the bike lanes on our island roads or through the old beaten path, we want to see where your bike will take you this summer!

If you don’t own a bike, no problem. You can rent bikes at different locations all over the Island.

Where to rent bikes:

  • Cabot Trail Outdoor Adventure – South Harbour
  • Framework Cycle and Fitness – Sydney
  • I Bike Sydney – Sydney
  • Velo Max Cycling  – Cheticamp
  • Highland Bike Shop- Port Hawkesbury

Safety first: Be sure to always wear your helmet and sunscreen and obey the rules of the road or trails.

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12. Local Vocals!

Cape Breton Island has been home to many world famous musicians throughout the years. Music is a large part of our culture and never fails to bring our us together. When looking for local artists, you don’t have to search for long. You can find local musicians of all ages playing throughout every town on the island during the summer months!

Whether it be at a local event, pub, restaurant or festival, you are bound to find a local musician who will blow you away with their talent.

We want you to take a picture or video of a local musician performing this summer on the island.

Be sure to include their name and where you’re listening to them!

Where to find local musicians this summer:

Restaurants and Pubs to find Local Musicians:

  • Governors Pub and Eatery – 233 Esplanade St, Sydney
  • Celtic Music Interpretive Centre – 5471 NS Truck 19, Judique
  • Coastal Waters Restaurant – 36404 Cabot Trail, Ingonish
  • Red Shoe Pub – 11573 NS Truck 19, Mabou

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13. Most iconic spot on the Island

The Skyline trail is one of many iconic Cape Breton hikes. It is famous across the globe for its beautiful view at the trail’s end. This 7.5km hike is at a beginner difficulty level and includes some small inclines. At the end of the trail, there is a boardwalk overlooking the ocean and coastline of the beautiful Cabot Trail. You may see wildlife to see along the way, so make sure your camera is ready!

If a guided hike interests you, Parks Canada offers guided sunset hikes leaving two hours before sundown. These guided hikes are recommended for hikers 12 years and up. You need to pre-register for your spot at your campground kiosk or at a visitor center, it costs $14.95 a person.

When going on your hike be sure to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen!

How to get there:

  • Turn onto Cabot Trail (signs for Trans-Canada Hwy/NS-105 E/Baddeck) – 72.1 km
  • Slight right onto Cheticamp Back Rd – 8.2 km
  • Turn right onto Cabot Trail (signs for Pleasant Bay) – 15.0 km
  • Your destination will be on your left.

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14. Learn the history behind the Fairy Hole

According to Cabot Shores ,Glooscap Caves or better known as the Fairy Hole, is located in Cape Dauphin in Victoria County.

The Glooscap Cave is deeply rooted with local Mi’Kmaq culture.

The Glooscap Cave holds roots with the local Mi’Kmaq culture. The story says that a hero named Glooscap was sent from the Great Spirit to protect his people, the Mi’Kmaqs. Residing at Cape Dauphin. One day, he was faced with two native women standing in the water, who began to taunt him. Angry, Glooscap leapt from his canoe, breaking it into two pieces. These pieces are still visible from the cove today, they are known as the Bird Islands. Glooscap is said to have turned the two women into stone– they are said to be the stone pillars which guard Glooscap’s Cave.

Head out on your journey to this Cape Breton Island gem by hiking the Cape Dauphin Trailhead which will lead to directly to the beach where you can find the Fairy Hole. Happy Searching!

After crossing the Seal Island Bridge (from north sydney), take the second street on your right (New Campbellton Rd) and continue along this road for 13 kilometers until you get to your destination.

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15. Along the Coast

White Point hiking trail is a hidden jewel of Cape Breton. When you gaze out beyond the rocky cliffs, you sometimes forget that you are on our Island. With all the hills, the beautiful views and the rocks, some would think they have touched down on the coast of Ireland!

White Point is a 6km hike surrounded by other beautiful locations. Across from White Point, you’re able to see from Aspy Bay to Cape North and Money Point. If your eye follows the coast of White Point, you’re able to see the white sand of Dingwall as well as Cabot Landing. Further on the horizon, St. Paul Island is visible.  

How to get there:

  • Get off the Cabot Trail in the direction of Neil’s Harbor (if coming from Ingonish area)
  • Drive along the coast to White Point
  • Descending into town, but not to the docks, look for the Inn
  • Immediately to the right, you will find a dirt road that leads you to a parking spot.
  • Park and continue by foot!

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16. The Show Must Go On!

Cape Breton Island is full of talented performers who come together and bring stories to life through powerful acting, song and dance! As Capers, we’re very lucky to have the opportunity to see live shows right in our home towns. So what are you waiting for? We want you to experience all of the talents our island has to offer at your local theatre this summer!

When you arrive, snap a picture with your ticket or take a selfie with the sign of the theatre!

What production are you excited to see, Cape Breton?

Where to find some local theatres :

  • Boardmore Playhouse – CBU
  • Highland Arts Theatre – Sydney
  • Savoy Theatre – Glace Bay
  • Strathspey Place – Mabou
  • Theatre Baddeck – Baddeck
  • Louisbourg Playhouse – Louisbourg

Pro-tip: Please do not take flash photography or videos during these performances, we don’t want to spoil the show for someone else or distract the performers.

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17. Fooorrreee !!

Cape Breton is world famous for it’s breathtaking views and for our unique cultures. However, if you didn’t know already, our island is also famous for having some of the most amazing golf courses in the world.

This year, Golf Digest released a list named “World’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses”. Included in that list were some of Cape Breton’s beautiful golf courses, Cabot Cliffs was ranked 9th and Cabot Links came in 43rd. It is no surprise that these courses made the list, being able to golf where land meets the sea. And this summer we are happy to have Cabot Links as a Staycation Sponsor, they were kind enough to add two rounds of golf to our prize package. For a small Island, we have some pretty amazing golf courses! If you’re into golfing, we recommend checking out those courses (if you haven’t done so already).  Golfers from all around the world come to Cape Breton for our unique experience, we are lucky to have them in our backyards.

Aside from those courses, there are so many other beautiful golf courses on Cape Breton Island and each one is guaranteed to impress. Gather your friends, pack your clubs and hit the course!

Cape Breton Golf Courses:

  • Alderdale Green Golf Course – 403 Rudderham Rd, Point Edward
  • Baddeck Forks Golf Club – 12 Big Baddeck Road Extension, Baddeck
  • Bell Bay Golf Club – 761 NS-205, Baddeck
  • Dundee Resort and Golf Club – 2750 RR#2, W Bay Rd, West Bay
  • Le Portage Golf Club – 15580 Cabot Trail, Cheticamp
  • Lingan Golf and Country Club – 1229 Grand Lake Road, Sydney
  • Lionel’s Golf Center – 378 Gardiner Hwy, Gardiner Mines
  • Passchendaele Golf Club – 185 Dominion Street, Glace Bay
  • Seaview Golf and Country Club – 370 Seaview Dr, North Sydney
  • The Lakes Golf Club – 5101 East Bay Hwy 4, Ben Eion

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18. Take a Dip in the Mines

Located in Cheticamp, Gypsum Mines is a man-made lake that was once made for mining… you guessed it, gypsum! This hiking adventure brings you to a picture-perfect lake that is a great place for swimming and relaxing, so bring your bathing suit!

You start off with an easy hike that takes approximately 15-20 minutes with an incline as you get close to the lake.

Go swimming or bring a pool floaty, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Most importantly, practice sun safety by wearing sunscreen or a hat!

How to get there:

  • Turn onto Cabot Trail (signs for Trans-Canada Hwy/NS-105 E/Baddeck) – 72.1 km
  • Slight right onto Cheticamp Back Rd – 6.6 km
  • Turn right and travel 1.5km to your destination

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19. Oh, Sugar!

Homemade fudge made with real butter and cream… yum! This item should be an easy and delicious one to check off the bucket list.

You can spend a fun-filled day with your family making your own fudge or you can try some of Cape Breton Fudge Company’s incredible fudge.

We’re so excited say that there will be a CBU Road Squad flavor at the Cape Breton Fudge Company this summer. Are you going to try one of their classics or our new yummy flavour? Maybe you should save room for both.

You can spread the fun and bring home a package of fudge to share with family, friends and coworkers.

Show us your favorite flavor of fudge, Capers!

Emma’s Favorite Flavor: Skor

Kenzie’s Favorite Flavor: Chocolate

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20. Shop Local

Rain or shine, you will always find local vendors at your nearest farmers market! If you haven’t been to a farmers’ market before, now is your chance. Local farmers’ markets are full of locally grown produce, freshly baked breads and treats, beautiful artwork, jewelry and at times, even live music! At these markets, there is something for everyone.

Farmers’ markets are located all around Cape Breton Island, with each market being different from the last.

Where to find a Farmers’ Market in Cape Breton:

  • Baddeck and Area Community Market
    Wednesday afternoons – 526 Chebucto St., Baddeck
  • Cape Breton Farmers’ Market (Year Round)
    Saturdays, 10:00am-1:00pm – 340 Keltic Dr, Sydney
  • Cape North Farmers’ Market
    Saturdays, 10:00am-1:00pm – Cabot Fire Hall, 29428 Cabot Trail, Cape North
  • Cheticamp Farmers’ Market-
    Saturdays,10:00am-1:00pm -15118 Cabot Trail, Chéticamp, Cabot Trail
  • Inverness Farmers’ Market
    Saturdays 11:00am-2:00pm – 20 Mill Road, Inverness
  • Mabou Farmers’ Market
    Sundays 11:00am-2:00pm – 186 Mabou Harbour Rd, Mabou

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21. Hiking Pringle Mountain

For all you hiking fanatics out there … Pringle Mountain is for you!

This is one of our more difficult hiking challenges the summer with a steep incline for the first 2km.

Pringle Mountain has some history behind its name. The mountain was named after James Pringle, the first settler of Point West Bay in 1851. There are some other locations in the area named after Pringle, such as Pringle Harbor, Pringle Lake, Pringle Island and Pringle Brook. Along the lake you may come across where an old gristmill used to stand.

At the base of the mountain you will come to a fork in the road, to the right will take you up the mountain. This hike takes about 3-4 hours and is about 7 km each way (14 km total).

Sadly you will have to wait to share your epic photos from the top of the mountain until you get home because there is little to no cell phone service here.

As always practice safe sun and hydrate!

How to get there:

  • In St.Peters turn onto W Bay Road/ Pepperell St (signs for Sampsonville/French Cove/Cape George/Roberta/Dundee)
  • Stay on W Bay Road/ Pepperell St for 23 km
  • Turn left onto Diana Mountain Road
  • Trailhead will be at the top of the road

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22. We are #AlwaysOrange

We are so #CBUProud of all our alumni and their accomplishments! This summer we want you to go out to CBU alumni owned businesses and snap a pic with them. While you’re there, be sure to support local and try some of their awesome products.

Not sure where to find a CBU alumni owned business?

Here are a few to check out:

  • 902 Marketing – Keith Buckland, Shaun Stevens and Marc Botte
  • Breton Brewing – Andrew Morrow
  • Brookside Baskets and Décor – Maureen Barrington
  • Burrito Jax – Erica Usher and Nick Walsh
  • Charlotte at Charlotte – Charlotte Poirier
  • Click to Order – Matt Stewart
  • Devantec Solutions – Mark Patterson
  • Downtown Nutrition – Wayne Miller
  • Escape Outdoors – Sherri Finney
  • FoodHub – Alicia Lake
  • Higher Grounds – Sherri Finney
  • Inglis Print and Promo – Joel Inglis
  • Island Sauce Co – Keven Taylor
  • La quaintrelle – Meghan Finney
  • Marcato – Darren Gallop and Allison Giovannetti
  • Old Triangle – Phil Dubinsky and Diane MacPhee
  • Platinum Fitness – Natasha Sifnakis-Gosselin
  • Saf-Way Auto Parts – Carry MacDonald
  • Yellow Dog – Sherri Finney

If you are CBU Alumni and you own your own business please contact us so we can add you to our list!

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23. How does the ocean say hello to the beach? It waves.

Did you know you don’t have to leave the island to find stunning white sand beaches with turquoise waters? Marble Mountain is a small village near Inverness on the Bras d’Or Lake. Marble Mountain Beach has unique white sand beaches because of marble mining quarry nearby. The marble also gives the water a tropical turquoise color most days.

C’mon, Capers! Pack your beach bag (don’t forget the sunscreen) and head to a beautiful beach steeped with history to take in the sun and breathtaking views.

Also, bring a toonie for parking!

How to get there:

  • Start on Grand Narrows Highway NS-223 W (signs are for Boisdale/Leitches Creek)
  • Turn onto Portage Road (signs for Orangedale/ Portage Road)
  • Continue on Portage Road for approx 12 km
  • Turn left onto Orangedale Road
  • Continue on Orangedale Road for 3.5 km
  • Turn right onto Marble Mountain Road
  • Stay left to stay on Marble Mountain Road for 79m
  • Turn Right
  • Continue on Mountain Road
  • Turn left to stay on Mountain Road
  • Turn left onto Marble Mountain Road
  • Slight Right onto William Macinnis lane
  • You have arrived

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24. Come and Sea

Along the coast of Cape Breton Island near Gabarus is the Gull Cove hiking trail. The view at the end of this trail is an amazing cove. You’ll be able to see the ocean, Green Island, Guyan Island and the Fortress of Louisbourg. This trail used to be a cart track from an old fishing village in the 1900’s, so keep your eye open for old foundations and stone walls towards the end of the traill close to the cove.

The trail includes mostly flat land and the length is about 10 km total.

How to get there:

  • Take the Exit towards Sydney, Gabarus, Alexandra Street on NS-125 highway.
  • Head towards Gabarus Highway
  • Continue on NS-327 Gabarus Highway
  • Turn left onto NS-327 S Gabarus Highway
  • Continue for 4.3 km
  • Turn right onto Gull Cove Road
  • Continue for 1.1km
  • Arrive at destination

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25. Get Festive!

You don’t have to leave the island to enjoy some awesome festivals this summer. There are lots of festivals happening island wide! With live music, delicious food, dancing, games and almost everything in between, these Cape Breton festivals have it all!

Attending a festival is a fun activity to do throughout the day and a lot of these festivals have exciting events happening throughout the evenings. Grab your friends and family and head out on the town!

Looking for some ideas? Here are a few of the awesome festivals going on!

Some great island summer festivals include:

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26. Berry Fresh

What is the most important ingredient in the best strawberry shortcake or delicious blueberry pie? Fresh berries, of course!

You can’t get any fresher than picking your own berries for your yummy summer treats. Lucky for you, we have some berry U-picks on the island! Not only is going to a u-pick going to give you fresh delicious berries, it’s a fun summer activity for the whole family to enjoy and it supports local businesses.

You can pick some delicious berries for a short amount of time or make berry picking a fun filled day with your family. Pack a lunch, enjoy the outdoors and when you get home after your busy day, try out that new pie recipe.

Can’t get to a local U-pick or farm? Check out Cape Breton FoodHub, a locally owned online market for Cape Breton farmers.

Thanks to CBU Alumni we have a one year membership for Cape Breton Foodhub in our #CBUStaycation grand prize package.

Where can you find some U-picks?

  • Quinns Strawberry U-Pick – Millville
  • Rendells Farm- Point Aconi

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27. Find the Pot of Gold

Clyburn Trail is one of the many beautiful hikes in Ingonish with its natural beauty, but it also has some interesting history. Along the Clyburn Trail, you will come across the remains of a gold mine!

The structure of the gold mine makes for a pretty cool photo op and if you’re lucky you might even find your own pot of gold (to share with your favorite Road Squad). Even if you don’t find a pot of gold, you will get to experience the priceless beauty of our island. While on this walk you will come across natural beauty, like the lake, valley, trees and you will catch a glimpse of world famous Highland Links Golf Course (check out our other bucket list item Tee Off at your Favorite CB Golf Course).

There are picnic tables nearby so you could pack your own picnic or order a perfect picnic and enjoy!

This trail is a prefect leisurely walk and for you bikers out there, this trail is open to mountain bikes. However be careful of some rough patches along the trail caused by flooding.

This hike is in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park,  so remember to get your park pass online or at the visitor center on your way to the trail. Visitor centers are located in Ingonish and Cheticamp.

The hike is about 2-3 hours, 8.5km total and includes minor inclines. Overall, this hike is of low difficulty.

How to get there:

  • Turn onto Cabot Trail
  • Follow signs to stay on Cabot Trail (signs for Ingonish/Cape North)
  • You will come to a bridge that goes over the Clyburn Brook, on one side there will be the entrance for the trail and the other will be for the picnic area. There are signs for both

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28. Donut miss out on this!

We were trying to eat healthy, but we donut care anymore!

We know you’re looking for an excuse to go get that donut you can’t stop thinking about. The filling, icing, or even better… the sprinkles! Donuts are the perfect sweet treat to indulge in this summer and we know the best places to find them!

Donuts date back all the way to the 18th century in New York from Dutch settlers. They started with fried sweet dough which has now turned into an internationally loved dessert. You can find many variations of donuts throughout the world, including right here in Cape Breton. We want to see your favorite flavors from classic dip to candy coated goodness and anything in between!

Where to find some of the best donuts on the Island:

  • Sweet Side of the Moon – Glace Bay
  • The Mermaid Kitchen – Food Truck & Sydney location
  • La Boulangerie Aucoin Bakery – Cheticamp

And don’t forget classics like Tim Hortons and Robins Donuts.

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29. Follow your Dreams

Legend has it that when a night’s sleep is full of good and bad dreams, a dreamcatcher  can be placed above your bed to collect all the dreams that are coming to you in your sleep. Good dreams will stay with you all night through the feathers of the dream-catcher and the bad dreams that are unwanted will become lost in the web.

Want to make your own dream catcher ? You could DIY it at home with the help of your local art store or you could attend a workshop at the Membertou Heritage Park. These workshops cost $25 and are about 2 hours long.

While at the Membertou Heritage Park be sure to check out their exhibits and learn more about our indigenous history and culture. We are excited to be working with Destination Membertou this summer, they have been kind enough to add a dream catching workshop and medicine walk to our grand prize package.

To book your spot in the dreamcatchers workshop check out Destination Membertou or call 902-563-4534.

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30. Seas the Day

Pondville Beach in Arichat is one of the new items on this year’s #CBUStaycation list! This beach is a kilometer long and is full of sand! We’ve heard from some of you that this beach is one of Cape Breton’s best. Pondville Beach is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun or bring along your whole family for a fun filled beach day!  This is a good beach to take your children (or children at heart) to build some sand castles and play in the beautiful ocean .We have heard that this beach is full of sand dollars, so get creative with your photos!

You can find Pondville Beach about 2 km off of Route 320 in Pondville.

We can’t wait to see how you enjoy this beautiful beach!

Keep in Mind: Pondville Beach is unsupervised and closes at dark.

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