Marketing & Communications

In the Marketing and Communications Department, you’ll find an enthusiastic group strategists, storytellers and designers who work to share and celebrate the incredible research, teaching and learning that goes on at CBU every day.

We are here to support strategic initiatives and projects designed to achieve CBU’s student recruitment and retention goals. We are brand champions, pride builders and truly #CBUproud of our campus community.

Great work comes from collaboration – so get in touch and let’s work together to tell the CBU story.

Becky Chisholm
Director, Marketing & Communications

Office: CE338

Phone: 902.563.1638

Lenore Parsley
Communications Manager

Office: CE-335

Phone: 902.563.1389

Paige Westbury
Marketing Manager

Phone: 902-563-1122

Gail Jones
Production / Graphics Coordinator

Office: CE346

Phone: 902.563.1610

Chad Aucoin
Senior Graphics Designer

Office: CE-360

Phone: 902-563-1416

Jill Ellsworth
Digital Communications Specialist

Office: CE-337

Phone: 902-563-1160