Todd Pettigrew

Todd Pettigrew (1)

Literature, Folklore, and The Arts
Literature & Folklore & the Arts, School of Arts and Social Sciences

Office: CC-233

Todd Pettigrew earned his PhD at the University of Waterloo in 1998. He joined the faculty of Cape Breton University in 2000 and is currently Associate Professor of English in the Department of Literature, Folklore, and The Arts. His research focuses mainly on the culture of the English Renaissance, with an emphasis on drama, scientific discourses such as medicine, and economic discourses such as lending and debt. In addition to many other publications, he is a contributor to The Cambridge World Shakespeare Encyclopedia, is the author of Shakespeare and the Practice of Physic (U of Delaware Press, 2007; winner of the Jay Halio Prize), and is the senior editor of The Major Works of John Cotta (Brill, 2019). In addition to his work as an actor, director, and singer, he is frequently asked to comment on educational matters in the media, and for many years served as an official in national and international spelling competitions. He teaches a wide range of courses including Shakespeare, History of the English Language, Detective Fiction, and Improvisational Drama.