Todd Hiscock

Todd Hiscock (1)

Boardmore Playhouse Director
Boardmore Playhouse, Literature & Folklore & the Arts, School of Arts and Social Sciences

Office: L193

Todd Hiscock is the Director of the Boardmore Playhouse, and part-time instructor of Theatre Arts and Drama in the School of Arts and Social Sciences, and the School of Graduate and Professional Studies. He has a Bachelor of Arts Community Studies degree from Cape Breton University and a Masters in Fine Art from York University where he studied Acting from 1997 to 1999. Along with his administrative and teaching duties, Todd has directed plays by Shakespeare, Beckett, Chekhov, Stoppard, and has acted in over fifty productions throughout Nova Scotia. As an advocate for Arts in Education, Todd has participated in several artists in the schools programs such as Perform and Learning Through the Arts, along with directing annual play productions for elementary, junior, and senior high schools in Cape Breton.