Stewart McCann

Professor of Psychology
Psychology, School of Science & Technology

Office: B-221-D

Dr. Stewart McCann currently teaches introductory and social psychology. His research interests include: (1) precocity-longevity relations such as those between early career achievement and shorter life spans; (2) societal threat-authoritarianism links such as those between levels of societal threat and support for the death penalty in the states of the USA; (3) personality and political leadership such as (a) relations between personality and greatness among American presidents and (b) relations between the Big Five personality traits and social and economic conservatism and Republican and Democratic leaning in the states of the USA; and (4) relations of several variables such as life satisfaction, obesity prevalence, cancer death rates, and heart disease death rates to the uneven geographical dispersion of resident personality differences across the states of the USA. 

He has served on various CBU bodies and committees and on the editorial boards of two academic periodicals for many years.