Stephanie Inglis

Professor Mi'kmaq Studies / Director, Kji-keptin Alexander Denny L’nui’sultimkeweyo’kuom (KADL) / Mi’kmaw Language Lab of CBU’s Unama’ki College
L’nu & Political & Social Studies, School of Arts and Social Sciences

Office: C-151

Dr. Stephanie Inglis, a linguist, is Professor of Mi’kmaq Studies and the Director of the Kji-keptin Alexander Denny L’nui’sultimkeweyo’kuom (KADL) which is the Mi’kmaw Language Lab of the Unama’ki College of Cape Breton University. The KADL is the primary center of Mi’kmaw language research within the University. The KADL engages and mentors Mi’kmaw undergraduate student researchers who are interested in working on Mi’kmaw language projects and attracts researchers from other universities interested in linguistic work on Algonquian languages. Dr. Inglis’ research interests include Mi’kmaq / English comparative structures, Mi’kmaw semantics and typology with a particular interest in morphology.  She also does community work on language revitalization and Mi’kmaw language pedagogy.