Matthias Bierenstiel

Matthias Bierenstiel (1)

Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry
Chemistry, School of Science & Technology
902.563.1391 (office) ext 1979 (lab)
Office: TC119 (office) A-209 (lab)

Dr. Matthias Bierenstiel’s fundamental research interest is the synthesis and analysis of new transition metal complexes containing two metal centres. These binuclear complexes can exhibit metal-metal synergy and metal-ligand hemilability for improvements in catalysis and for the use as biomimetic enzyme models. A series of metal complexes has been found to possess antimicrobial properties and a full patent for US and Canada was filed in May 2014.

Dr. Bierenstiel has established major applied industrial research collaborations that focus on the study of an iron-binding polymer as synergic additive for antibiotic treatments (Chelation Partners), bark ingredient analysis and extraction processes (BW BioEnergy), analysis and processing of thin coatings on metal surfaces (Protocase), and other projects. He is currently supervising a research team with two postdoctoral researchers, two MSc research associates and several undergraduate students. Dr. Bierenstiel is looking for interested graduate student candidates (MSc/PhD) who would be co-supervised through adjunct status.

Dr. Bierenstiel has been successful in attracting over $2 million in equipment and operating funds over the past six years such as CFI, NSERC RTI, NSERC Engage, Springboard IM, Mitacs, P&I Vouchers and NRC BIAP. His research lab is equipped with an inert-gas glovebox, gas-chromatograph, UPLC-MSMS, high-pressure reactor and potentiostat.

Selected references: (undergraduate students are in bold)

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