Avis Mysyk

Avis Mysyk

Senior Scholar
L’nu & Political & Social Studies, School of Arts and Social Sciences

Office: CC237

Avis Mysyk received her PhD in Sociocultural Anthropology from University of Manitoba in 1994. As a member of the Department of Anthropology/Sociology at CBU, she taught courses in anthropological theory, qualitative methods, anthropology of tourism, health and illness, and Latin America. Her geographical area of interest is Latin America and, specifically, Mexico. After retiring in 2017, she became Senior Scholar in order to continue her research into the history of Huaquechula, a Mexican town with prehispanic roots. Her articles have appeared in Estudios de Cultura Náhuatl  [Studies of Nahuatl Culture] (2012), Ancient Mesoamerica (2015), and Colonial Latin American Review (2015). She has one article in press (Revista Española de Antropología Americana [Spanish Journal of American Anthropology]) and another in progress.

Presently, she is conducting research into the land history of Huaquechula and into its religious brotherhoods, both historical and present-day.

Although her long-term research is historical in nature, she has also conducted research on contemporary issues pertaining to Mexico. Her MA thesis (1985) focused on handicraft production for day of the Dead in Huaquechula. Her dissertation (1994), book (2000), and several articles that she co-authored (2007, 2008, 2009) focused–in part or in whole–on the Canada-Mexico Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program in Manitoba and in southwestern Ontario. In 2004, she co-authored an article on Day of the Dead in Huaquechula as a form of cultural tourism. They have another in press on Day of the Dead as a form of dark tourism.

She continues to be a member of the Canadian Anthropology Society and the American Society for Ethnohistory.