Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, radio stations are notified of CBU campus closure. It is necessary for these notifications to be kept short, allowing CBU to be listed with other cancellations.  Campus closure means the campus is closed and there are no classes for the period of time indicated in the announcement. Morning, afternoon and evening classes may be cancelled separately depending on weather and campus parking conditions.

For information on how you can be notified of campus closures, or other emergency notifications, please see CBU Alert.

For additional information please see the Inclement Weather Policy.

A campus closure announcement for afternoon classes refers to classes starting at 1:00pm. Should a decision be made to reopen for the afternoon, classes will resume at 1:00pm while administrative offices will open at 12:00pm. 

A campus closure announcement for evening classes refers to classes starting at 5:30pm unless otherwise specified. If the campus will reopen, an announcement will be made so that students and employees can plan accordingly.

Every attempt is made to send cancellation notices to local radio stations at 7:00am for morning cancellations; 11:30am for afternoon cancellations; and 4:00pm for evening cancellations. I am sure you may appreciate that radio stations are fairly busy with such announcements and the timing of the closure announcement is ultimately within their control. You will also note that, at such times, an Alert message will appear on the CBU website specific to campus closure. The same information will be made available through CBU’s Facebook page and Twitter account.

Security staff will also be notified and a message regarding closure status will be recorded for access through the phone system. To reach this message, call the general CBU phone number at 902-539-5300 and press 9.

Faculty – If classes are NOT cancelled and you are not able to make it to work, please change your office voice mail indicating that your class is cancelled and that alternate arrangements will be made, i.e., making up the class time.

All Administrative Support Staff – If CBU is closed due to inclement weather, please change your office voice mail from home so that students and others who may be calling your office to confirm meetings/appointments/classes will be notified of the closure.