Stephanie Inglis

Dr. Stephanie Inglis, a linguist, is Professor of Mi�kmaq Studies and the Director of the Kji-keptin Alexander Denny L�nui�sultimkeweyo�kuom (KADL) which is the Mi�kmaw Language Lab of the Unama�ki College of Cape Breton University. The KADL is the primary center of Mi�kmaw language research within the University. The KADL engages and mentors Mi�kmaw undergraduate student researchers who are interested in working on Mi�kmaw language projects and attracts researchers from other universities interested in linguistic work on Algonquian languages. Dr. Inglis� research interests include Mi�kmaq / English comparative structures, Mi�kmaw semantics and typology with a particular interest in morphology. She also does community work on language revitalization and Mi�kmaw language pedagogy.


Indigenous language revitalization, Mi’kmaw language structure, Mi’kmaw language teaching pedagogy and conversational Mi’kmaw language classes, linguistics, Mi’kmaq/English comparative structures, the Basque and Mi’kmaw languages