Margaret Dechman

Associate Professor, Sociology

Margaret Dechman holds a PhD in sociology, specializing in intergenerational processes of social exclusion. Her research is positioned within the fields of neuro-sociology and life-course analysis. Dr. Dechman�s life-course research explores the many, often mutually reinforcing, practices that link the morals, expectations, and laws of the larger society with the thoughts and actions of each of us as individuals. Her more recent work focuses on the personal and social costs associated with the criminalization of drug use. Dr. Dechman�s research and teaching are both enriched through her collaboration with local organizations: Public Health, the Ally Centre of Cape Breton, the Cape Breton Correction Facility, Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Cape Breton Police Service. For more about Dr. Dechman�s research, view: a TedX talk, �From Social Withdrawal to Social Security�, or an interview with CBC Radio �Drug use on the Northside: “What if the biggest enabler is judgement'”


social exclusion, addictions