Elizabeth MacCormick

Research Assistant, Bio-Product Development

Elizabeth MacCormick spent her career studying sustainable development and the natural environment. She is a CBU graduate, receiving her B.Sc. in Community Studies with a concentration in Biodiversity. She spent several years working in marine research with the Bras d�Or Institute for Ecosystem Research, focusing on sustainable development and ecosystem-based management in the Bras d�Or estuary. Throughout her career, Elizabeth has worked closely with industry, government and community stakeholders to advance sustainable solutions to issues facing marine and agricultural industries in the Atlantic region. Her role with the Verschuren Centre for Sustainability allows her to engage with local agriculture and marine-based businesses, facilitating the development of value-added solutions for residual biomass or otherwise underutilized by-products and the development of sustainably produced local foods. She is a member of the Board of Directors for the Bras d�Or Lake UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserve.


Sustainable development, value-added bioproducts, greenhouse technologies, local food production, community coastal management