Ed Barre

Professor, Nutrition

Honours B.Sc.(Biology), Queen’s University at Kingston; M.Sc.(Kinanthropology), University of Ottawa; Ph.D.(Nutritional Sciences), University of Guelph; post-doctoral fellowships, Southwestern Medical Centre at Dallas; Research scientist, Baxter Healthcare; Assistant Professor (1 year term), University of Saskatchewan. Married to Kazimiera, 2 children (Emily and Alex). My research involves the application of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics to nutraceuticals’ prevention and post-onset management of type 2 diabetes(T2D) with a view to the reduction of polypharmacy. Collaborative efforts include 1)attempting to find the molecular cause(s) of T2D, 2)why Cape Bretoners suffer a high rate of T2D and how to reduce such, 3)glycaemic index impact on low density lipoprotein oxidation management in overweight and obese persons and gestational diabetes patients, and 4)better clinical management of pre- and post-onset T2D in first nations populations across Canada.