CBU Instructional Leadership Award

Cape Breton University Instructional Leadership Award, 2019

This award recognizes substantial contributions to the development of the teaching and learning community at Cape Breton University.  The award is meant to recognize a broad range of contributions, including, but not limited to, the creation of new courses and programs, devising and implementing innovative strategies for instruction, making contributions to faculty development, and conducting research on teaching and learning issues. While all of these things naturally connect to teaching itself, this award is aimed at acknowledging the important work that happens outside the classroom. In this way, the present award will complement the Alumni Association’s existing teaching award. The nomination of the CBU Instructional Leadership Award recipient may be forwarded as CBU’s candidate for the regional AAU Anne Marie MacKinnon, Educational Development Award in subsequent years.

CBU Instructional Leadership Award 2019 Nomination Form (PDF)

CBU Instructional Leadership Award 2019 Nomination Form (Word)