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Viola Desmond’s Canada: Confronting Racism in the Promised Land

PowerPoint Presentation

The Viola Desmond Story as told by her sister, Wanda Robson

This short documentary was produced by the students of the Bachelor of Education Social Studies Methodology class of 2011. It presents the story of Viola Desmond as told by her youngest sister Wanda Robson.

The Long Road to Justice: The Viola Desmond Story

This documentary was produced by Communications Nova Scotia and it is available free online. It tells the story of Viola Desmond from her early life to the free pardon she was granted, posthumously, in April 2012 on behalf of the Nova Scotia government.

The Many Faces of Jim Crow

As part of the educational initiative of the Viola Desmond Chair in Social Justice, Dr. Graham Reynolds created a Powerpoint presentation documenting the history of racial discrimination and segregation in Nova Scotia. This presentation has been shown a number of times and to hundreds of people. Most of the material for this documentary presentation is from the archival collections at the Beaton Institute at Cape Breton University.

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