Residence WiFi

Wireless Internet is now available in the Harris Hall, Cabot and Alumni Hall residences. Students have access to this WiFi network using their CBU Student login accounts.

There are two wireless networks that can be used:

There is an open network called WiFi@CBUREZ which requires your CBU login ID. This portal should be used for casual Internet access that does not require secure connections.

There is a second secure encrypted wireless network called WPA2@CBUREZ. This will provide relatively secure connections to the Internet. Students are encouraged to use this as the preferred connection for all wireless Internet access. Every effort has been made to make your wireless connection secure and easy to access.

To access the open wireless network you can configure your PC, Laptop, Netbook, iPhone, iPad or Mac computer to connect to the SSID called WiFi@CBUREZ. Once your device is connected you will need to open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. This will trigger the Captive Portal Login screen to open. Type in your username and password. Even though this is an unsecure network it does use SSL to encrypt the initial login. Once connected you will have the same access as any wired network users within the residences.

To access the secured connection you will need to configure your PC, Laptop, Netbook, iPhone, iPad or Mac computer to connect to the wireless network called WPA2@CBUREZ. Generally access to this network will be quick and easy. Simply connect to the SSID WPA2@CBUREZ and you should be prompted to enter your CBU Student account and password. Enter your credentials and press Connect. Then your PC or mobile device should be presented with the SSL Certificate that will assist with the encryption. You must accept the certificate in order to proceed. Once connected your PC or device should remember this association and automatically re-connect when in the wireless coverage area.

If your device does not connect with ease please contact the Help Desk.