WORK STUDY SUMMER 2024: Global Climate Curriculum Assistant

  • Location: Cape Breton University
  • Deadline: June 19, 2024 at 4:00 pm

About the job:

The Global Climate Curriculum Assistant (GCCA) will work together with an interdisciplinary project team spanning Canada and Morocco to support curriculum development on climate and energy justice that will eventually be implemented in a global networked classroom. Skilled in intercultural communication, this organized individual will collaborate with the project team to conduct preliminary research into climate and energy education globally, sourcing a variety of dynamic learning resources that can be utilized in ranging cultural, political, and social contexts. The project is oriented around climate and energy justice. The GCCA will also work with curriculum documents to identify links for learning about climate change and energy. Due to the large-scale, international nature of this project, this position is an excellent opportunity to develop familiarity in international education and skills for professional international work towards future employment prospects.


The Global Climate Curriculum Assistant will:

Collaborate with a multi-site, interdisciplinary research team to lay the groundwork for a global networked classroom on climate and energy justice.

Create an inventory of resources to support learning about energy and climate justice applicable to a wide range of contexts globally. Resources include articles, videos, infographics, simulations, activities, etc.

Research and brainstorm creative activities to support learning for climate and energy justice.

Map high school curricula to determine learning outcomes that support learning about climate and energy justice in a variety of contexts.


Interested applicants can be enrolled in any program at CBU. Applicants should be skilled in working interculturally and be familiar with and/or interested in intercultural, decolonial, and/or social justice frameworks. Familiarity with or interest in curriculum and/or education is preferred. Experience with Excel and online collaboration via Google is recommended.


Must be enrolled as a full time student in good academic standing.

How to Apply:

Please forward a cover letter and resume to