WORK STUDY-SPRING/SUMMER 2023: Human Rights Student Internship

  • Location: Cape Breton University
  • Deadline: June 5, 2023 at 4:00 pm

Human Rights and Diversity/Research

Human Rights Student Internship

30 hrs/week for 8 weeks

Job Description

The selected candidate will work alongside CBU’s Human Rights Officer to help research, develop, and promote a variety of programming for CBU’s campus. Efforts will focus on topics of human rights with a specific focus on Sexual Assault and Violence. The successful candidate will play a role in developing The Bystander Program, a program that will help teach students, faculty and staff about a wide range of sexually violent scenarios and the skills to intervene safely, to prevent/terminate an act. The successful candidate will also be responsible for researching a variety of information related to current projects and events, reviewing and providing feedback on projects and developing project components.


  • Design and distribute promotional content for developed programs and projects using Microsoft office.
  • Represent the student perspective throughout the collaborative development process with new and relevant ideas.
  • Research related topics for development and implementation of programs for students and faculty members.
  • Summarize and report research findings
  • Assist in event and program presentation
  • Contact external resources through email and phone to gain knowledge for project development.
  • Develop and present creative ideas for projects and review existing documents for new ideas.
  • Work collaboratively with a team to create content relevant to the student body.


  • Ability to perform research, prepare and present reports
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Creatively and design skills
  • Knowledge of all social media platforms

Learning Outcomes

  • Research and development
  • Presentation skills development
  • Ability to review classroom feedback
  • Design and distribute materials for particular audiences
  • Analyze and interpret values and opinions

How to Apply

Submit cover letter and resume to Scott Thomas

The Work Study program is for students enrolled in full time studies at Cape Breton University.