VOLUNTEER: Virtual Event Assistant

  • Location: Sydney, NS
  • Deadline: October 20, 2021

Virtual Event Assistant


Virtual Event Assistants login to CNIB Nova Scotia’s virtual events 20 minutes before they start and assist by using the Zoom platform to individually connect people into the event.


· RSVP for virtual events offered by CNIB Nova Scotia

· Login to these events 20 minutes before they start

· Using the Zoom platform, call in individuals who’ve requested to join the event over the phone (type in their phone number, press submit, wait, repeat)

· Note: You will not be required to talk to people or answer questions; your role is solely background


· Typically there are 4 to 6 virtual events being offered per month. You will RSVP for the ones you’re available to help with and will be needed for two minutes before they start.

Work Environment

· Sitting at your own computer using a basic Zoom account

· Internet access is required

Anyone interested should email jeff.deviller@cnib.ca to receive the application and next steps!