Summer Student/Co-op/Internship – Airesun Global

  • Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Deadline: June 5, 2020 at 12:00 pm | +1 416 900 7685 |


Airesun Global Ltd. (ASG) is a cleantech company that produces petroleum-free lubricants, de-greasers
and cleaners for heavy industry (see for more information on products and
activities). The company, which was “born global,” is currently in a rapid-expansion phase with major
B2B clients in the Middle East, Europe, Canada, and western Africa. Its corporate headquarters and
research and technology division is located in CBRM, and a production/transportation hub will be built
soon in Winnipeg and, shortly thereafter, in Dubai.
Its current expansion includes assuring that its activities and processes are highly digitized, compliant
with various country regulatory regimes, certified by global quality assurance organizations, protective
of our product and extractor IP, and strengthen the resilience of our regionalized global supply chains.
We are looking to hire two students this summer who will work with our Quality Control, Data
Architecture, Operations and Business Development divisions to advance our expansion activities.

A principal objective is to ensure ASG is fully aware and appraised of the regulatory requirements (with
respect to data security, privacy and governance) applied by each jurisdiction in which ASG operates,
and provide processes by which we can ensure and demonstrate compliance, thus avoiding audit failure
and the associated penalties. Among the tasks will be to:
• Identify and catalogue these items,
• Develop a generic model which covers all the commonalities, and
• Identify and catalogue those features peculiar to individual jurisdictions.
This will provide Airesun Global a strong basis on which to build our compliance process model. The
EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) – noting that the UK is no longer part of the EU –will
be a good place to start, as it is the model towards which others are moving and also is probably the
most comprehensive regulation. The work will also need to assure that there are no differences
between the framework defined at a national level vs. that defined by a member state or province (e.g.,
Canada vs Manitoba, or USA vs California).

The second step will be to construct a template document to provide the structure of ASG’s compliance
strategy and process model, customisable to any and all jurisdictions where ASG activity occurs.
Third, given that this is a jargon-rich domain of study, the finished documentation set should contain a
glossary of terms to be used across ASG’s operations, in order to ensure consistency and clarity. If and
where synonyms across jurisdictions occur (e.g. field vs attribute vs column, or row vs instance), these
should be noted and referred to across glossary entries. Also create a section to list the reference
documentation used in each jurisdiction. URLs pointing to relevant online assets should be included
where possible.

Fourth, devise a process whereby the final document can be updated as regulatory frameworks evolve.
How will ASG be kept up to date? By conducting regular reviews or having information pushed to us?
From where will the information be sourced, and how will we get it? By subscription? Registration? | +1 416 900 7685 |

Additionally, what level of registration is needed in each jurisdiction, with what agency or government
authority, how do we get it, and at what cost? How and when does it get renewed? Contact names and
details should be recorded where possible.
These positions will likely be of most interest to those with an interest in Data Protection, Security,
Governance and the associated legalities, regardless of the students’ degree program of study.
Acquiring knowledge involved in this process is also a rock-solid base toward a lucrative career path
post-graduation. It is possible that successful performance in this summer position may create a part-time
position in the fall or winter term, and/or an opportunity for full employment upon graduation.
SALARY: $15/hr
START DATE: ASAP (to be negotiated)

To Apply please email your resume and cover letter to

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