SUMMER EMPLOYMENT: Mr Chicken: Chicken Cook, Fryer/Grill Cook, and Kitchen Helper

  • Location: Chéticamp Cape Breton
  • Deadline: April 10, 2022 at 4:00 pm

Qualifications for Mr Chicken Employment

1. Previous employment in a restaurant setting or take out would be an asset

2. Ability to learn quickly

3. Enthusiastic

4. Honest

5. Fast Worker

6. Flexible

7. Friendly

8. Ability to multitask

9. Attentive

10. Driver License and or own car would be an asset but not necessary

Please send your resume to

Attention Marc Larade

End Date for application is Sunday April 10/2022


Chicken Cook


1. Prepare chicken for cooking

2. Mix spice for chicken

3. Always make sure we have enough chicken for the day

and to start the following day.

4. Maintain working area clean and sanitized.

5. Cook chicken on demand

6. Filtering oil from fryers daily. (Usually, 5 or 6 times per day)

7. Helping with the Grill (If time permits sometimes, you are too busy)

8. Doing dish etc. if time permits.

9. Helping with the prep of food when time permits.

10. Place mats on floor at beginning of shift and remove them at shift end

11. Cleaning at end of shift and empty all garbage cans.

Fryer/Grill Cook

1. Cooking Fries in on fryer

2. Cooking all other appetizers in another fryer

3. Need to keep up with the orders coming in

4. Keep working area clean

5. Help with Grill if times permits

6. Make sure freezers are stocked for the day and re stock them if running low.

7. Re stock on supplies when needed

8. At times you might be asked to help other co workers doing different task

9. Shredding of cabbage and carrots for the salads

10. Peeling and cubing potatoes for salad

11. Doing prep of food for the day or next day.

12. Making hamburger patties

13. Doing dishes and cleaning in between busy times

14. Helping with the cleaning at end of shift and emptying all garbage cans

Kitchen Helper

1. Prepare salads

2. Shredding of cabbage and carrots

3. Peeling and cubing of potatoes

4. Making gravy

5. Helping with the Grill

6. Cooking eggs and potatoes for salads

7. Make sure everything is stocked on shelves, fridge, freezers etc for the day. Restock if needed

8. Preparing orders for take-out.

9. Make sure you put the correct order in each bag

10. Wash dishes/cleaning

11. Place mats on floor at beginning of shift and remove them at end of shift

12. Doing cleaning chores in slow times

13. Help with cleaning at end of shift and emptying all garbage cans

If you like working in a Friendly and Fast paced environment, then why not come Join Out Team.

All those hired will be fully trained on site.

Accommodations Available