Summer Employment/Co-op – Get in the Loop Cape Breton – Summer Student

  • Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Deadline: April 18, 2021

Get in the Loop (GITL) Cape Breton – Summer / Student

This document will be considered a Summer 2021 position / student offer under the terms and conditions set out below.

Job Title:  Summer Internship / Student

Job Description:  Summer student will support the following areas of the business:

“It your Positive, Looking for a Great Summer Experience, don’t sweat knowing all this skills, if you like to learn and have a great work ethic, we’ll get you where you need to be!”

  1. Social Media
  • Maintain and produce content for GITL Cape Breton
  • Develop maintain and produce content for our business partners
  • Research peers and strong social media actors to identify new ideas for GITL
  1. Marketing
  • Help build strategies to build awareness for GITL Cape Breton and its partners.
  • Help build user acquisition strategies/activities to grow the user base of for GITL Cape Breton
  • Generate some guerrilla marketing tactics/ideas
  1. Service/ IT support
  • Setting up offers for new businesses
  • Setting up/reviewing offers for current businesses
  • Provide IT Support & Service to our client base as required as well as maintain
  • GITL Cape Breton Hardware and Software as required.
  • Maintain Digital Files for use in maintaining offers and Venues on the GITL Cape Breton Platform.
  1. Team Support
  • Build and maintain list of businesses in our area of responsibility
  • Build a list of key targets across Cape Breton for partnership
  • Reaching out to businesses (via email/social media or in-person)
  • Onboarding Businesses to the platform
  • Follow up with business partnerships

Any other duties assigned that are commensurate with the position and level of responsibility as directed by Owner / Manager

Start Date: May 1, 2021                    End Date: August 31. 2021

Remuneration: $16.00 per hour / 24 hours per week.

Reporting Structure:  New intern/student will report to Market Develop Manager GITL Cape Breton

Termination Policy:  The role can be terminated at any time by either party by written notice in accordance with provincial law.  GITL Cape Breton shall pay new intern/student for all services up to the termination notice period.

To apply please send your resume and cover letter direct to: