SUMMER 2024 CO-OP: Procurement and Contract Management Assistant – Temporary / Term Position

  • Location: Bedford, NS.
  • Deadline: February 19, 2024 at 11:59 pm

TITLE – Procurement and Contract Management Assistant – Temporary / Term Position
START DATE: May 2024                                                                     END DATE: August 2024
HOURS PER WEEK: 35                                                                      HOURLY RATE: $20.00


Optimizing Value through Collaborative Strategic Sourcing in Post-Secondary Education.

1. Delivering exceptional value to all member institutions.
2. Strengthen our leadership in strategic sourcing.
3. Strengthen organizational effectiveness.

The Procurement and Contract Management Assistant will be required to perform tasks focused on
business and supply processes, including processes specific to the post-secondary educational
collaborative procurement environment. The Procurement and Contract Management Assistant will gain
an enhanced working knowledge and understanding of public sector strategic sourcing, business
reporting, business and supply management practices and supplier / customer relations.

Priorities will be defined following assessment of ISI’s current business goals and the skills and interests
of the Procurement and Contract Management Assistant.

1. Contract Management:

a. Provide support to ISI staff focused on the enhancement of ISI’s contract management
b. Provide support to ISI staff focused on the preparation and assessment of proposals.

2. ISI Value Report:

a. Review the current ISI value reporting process and the current Excel tool.
b. Assess the data collection and reporting process.
c. Receive, validate, and upload data into the ISI reporting tool (Excel).

3. ISI Web Site:

a. Complete an audit of the contract information currently available to ISI members via the
ISI Website and Bonfire (ISI contract management tool).

The Procurement and Contract Management Assistant will be guided by and demonstrate
commitment for the mission, vision, and values of ISI.

a) We are responsive to the needs of our member institutions.
b) We are proactive, innovative, and forward looking.
c) We are cooperative.
d) We are respectful, fair and act with integrity.
e) We value equity, diversity, and inclusion.


  • Post-secondary business student.
  • An interest in public procurement.
  • Success will require strong technical and business analytical skills, leveraging various tools such
    as Microsoft Office and SharePoint software.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to listen and assess
    customer needs, prioritize needs / requirements, and communicate them cross-functionally.
  • Strong relationship building skills to constructively foster relationships internally and externally.
  • The ability to work independently and be accountable for the responsibilities assigned.
  • A combination of education and / or experience sufficient to provide a foundation for learning.

REPORTING TO: Chief Executive Officer or the Senior Contract Manager

Previously, the Procurement and Contract Management Assistant (co-op student) has been engaged in

a) project leadership focused on the market assessment, development of a public request for
proposal, analysis of submissions and award decision management for a major commodity
b) the development, implementation, and audit of a data standards document for management and
presentation of key documents.
c) contributing to and editing the Annual Procurement plan.
d) the preparation and validation of the ISI value report.

Two former ISI co-op students are employed full-time in the sector.

2021 – Dalhousie University top Co-op Employer Award, Non-profit and Community Service category.


Students can apply by sending their cover letter and resume to: