SUMMER 2024 CO-OP: Language and Culture Intern

  • Deadline: March 8, 2024 at 11:59 pm

Job Title: Language and Culture Intern

Hybrid with central office in

4 Stanley Johnson Street, Millbrook, Nova Scotia, Colchester, Canada B6L 5B4

Reports to: Language and Culture coordinator

Conditions of Employment:
Vulnerable Sector Check
Must be enrolled in a post-secondary school co-operative education program.

Position Type: Full-Time, Temporary

Position Summary:
The Language and Culture Intern will work with Ulnooweg to support our cultural programs. Ulnooweg host frequent cultural and language events across the organization. We are seeking passionate youth to help coordinate events and support Elders/Knowledge Keepers when they come to Ulnooweg.

As a part of a new team, this role will help shape Ulnooweg’s best practices for how we engage and support Elders/ Knowledge Keepers. This position will also be critical in the supporting Ulnooweg’s systems for Culture and Language preservation.

Disclaimer: This position is for co-op students only. The position is dependent on funding: the employer will only be hiring if their funding application is approved. 


  • Brainstorming, planning, and creation of Ulnooweg Cultural and language programs. – sounds like it’s Ulnooweg’s.
  • Outreach and engagement with elders and knowledge keepers.
  • Support communications team in coordinating event logistics such as catering, travel and advertisements.
  • Support Elders and knowledge keepers during Ulnooweg’s events.


  • All relevant lived experiences, professional and academic will be considered.
  • Experience and knowledge around Indigenous knowledge systems such as Etuaptmumk and Netuklimk.
  • Strong understanding of the Indigenous community landscape across Atlantic Canada.
  • This is a position open only to those who self-identify as Indigenous.