SUMMER 2024 CO-OP: Communications and Special Projects Intern – Pictou, NS

  • Location: Pictou, Nova Scotia
  • Deadline: February 23, 2024

Communications and Special Projects Intern – Town of Pictou

*DISCLAIMER: This position is funding dependent. If they do not receive the CEI funding, they will not move forward with the position.*

This position is an exciting opportunity for a student that would provide a very meaningful work experience gaining valuable transferable skills within a local business community.

Position Outline

Background: The Town of Pictou has formed three new advisory committees to Council; Business Advisory Committee, Accessibility Committee, and the Sustainability Advisory and Climate Change Committee. The scope and direction of these new committees require additional administrative supports on project-based initiatives. The position will also include developing promotional and communication pieces for various municipal departments. As well at times, the candidate will provide administrative supports to assist with the front office and reception.

Job Description Highlights: Communications and Special Projects Intern

Under the direction of the Community Development Officer for the Town of Pictou, the candidate would be responsible for:

Committee Support:

  • Develop education materials to create awareness of special initiatives identified by each committee.
  • Assist with the planning and coordination of initiatives that celebrate diversity, promote inclusion through committee work.
  • Collaborating with other committees or departments to assist with integrating diversity and inclusion into various organizational activities.
  • Attendance at committee meetings.
  • Liaison with Pictou business community within the downtown district on special projects and activities.

Promotions and Communications:

  • Assisting with promotions of programs, events, and other activities as identified under the communications and marketing plan including recreation and committee initiatives.
  • Development of digital assets as identified by Town departments.
  • Developing social media content and setting a schedule for posts.
  • Updating Pictou events calendar Town website and other online listings.
  • Supportive role in development and monitoring of special events on the waterfront and other potential events (pop ups, etc.)
  • Assistance with special exhibits at shows or other local/regional events, ie Saltscapes Expo (Halifax), key festivals across the province (as identified)

Administrative Support:

  • Directing inquiries to the appropriate person or department.
  • Providing accurate information and assistance to general public.
  • At times performing administrative tasks.
  • Ensuring confidentiality and security of sensitive information.
  • Covering reception and other tasks as needed.


Work Term Period: 16 weeks, 35 hours per week

Rate: $18.50

Interested students are asked to send their cover letter and resume to Michelle Young at