Summer 2023 Employment – Canoe Guides – Whynot Adventure – Nova Scotia’s Kejimkujik National Park

  • Location: Nova Scotia’s Kejimkujik National Park
  • Deadline: March 15, 2023

Canoe Guides 2023
We’re not looking for Lara Croft or MacGyver, but we would consider them for the position.
Resourcefulness is paramount to being a guide, and so is the ability to spin a good yarn while
winding it though history, lore and legend. And arguably the most important skill is the ability to
cook the best backcountry food known to the wilderness. Oh, and also be able to present a genuine
smile while doing the dishes (likely in the dark).

The best plans are the ones most easily tossed- we expect our guides to recognize the magic when
it’s happening and know how to take advantage of it. Hard skills can be learned by most anyone, but
soft skills are where it’s at. We strive for you to start the trip with our guests and finish with
your friends.

We will fill in any gaps in your guiding schedule with shifts at the rental concession so that you
maintain a respectable paycheque. The guiding day-rate usually starts around $175/day.

Ask about accommodation.

We have guide positions available for the following terms:
Late-May or June through to early-September

Assets to give you an edge, from our perspective:
• wilderness & remote first responder 80hr cert (don’t fret if you don’t have this yet- if you
show intent and commit to a course pre-season you’ll be off to a good start)
• NLS bronze cross (again, you can achieve this prior to the start of the season if you don’t yet
have it- we’ll work with you)
• Paddle Canada tandem and/or solo canoe certification (or provincial equivalent)
• second language (French, German, Mandarin)
• Mi’kmaq heritage
• ability to maintain a smile while black flies pick your bones

Send a cover letter (important!) detailing what you’ve accomplished (in line with this job) that
you’re proud of and what you intend to do for us and how that’ll translate to us becoming the best
adventure tourism company in the world. Please include your resume, too. (
Also, even if you don’t feel you’re qualified or are just nervous, send your resume and cover
letter anyway (some of our
finest team members almost didn’t apply…). Applications accepted until March 15th, 2023