SUMMER 2022 CO-OP: Student Geological Curatorial Assistant

  • Location: Parrsboro, NS
  • Deadline: February 25, 2022 at 4:00 pm

Student Geological Curatorial Assistant Job Description 2022 – Co-operative Education Incentive

The Geological Curatorial Assistant (GCA) will be responsible for delivering accurate information at the Museum as well as at designated localities of geological interest.  The responsibilities of the position will include assisting the curatorial staff with collecting, cataloguing, preparing, photographing, and digitizing geological specimens; providing fun and informative beach and museum tours; lead educational on-site activities with groups that vary by age, culture, and education level; and will occasionally assist with the Museum’s online presence through social media. GCA’s will regularly assist visitors with both geological knowledge and local visitor services. GCA’s will be given ample opportunity to explore academic geological initiatives and research with guidance from the Interpretation and Lab Manager and the Director/Curator.  The Geological Curatorial Assistant will be encouraged and supported to assist with the development, delivery, and review of the effectiveness of all programs listed above as well as any new initiatives they choose to bring to the Fundy Geological Museum.

  • Curation
    • Collect fossil specimens under direction of Heritage Research Permit holder
    • Prepare specimens with training and direction from Lab Manager
    • Database and digitize (photograph) specimens
  • Science Communication, Education, & Outreach
    • Gallery Tours
    • Field Tours
    • Outreach events
    • Social Media engagement

This opportunity is for a 16-week position beginning in May 2022 on-site in Parrsboro NS. The position entails a 40-hour week, including weekends, at a rate of $15/hr.

Students can send applications to