Summer 2021 – Pan Cape Breton Food Hub – QUALITY ASSURANCE COORDINATOR

  • Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Deadline: May 31, 2021


Job Description: Quality Assurance Coordinator will be responsible for working with producers to educate and train quality practices and to work with products to ensure quality assurance.

Quality Assurance Coordinator Job Duties:

·         Providing quality assurance monitoring of products and service at delivery locations.

·         Submit quality assurance reports.

·         Support producers with developing product quality and consistency.

·         Train farmers in proper boxing and shipping procedures required by Food Hub.

·         Provide technical support for producers using Food Hub software.

·         Be available to assist with on-site product development and processing.

·         Other duties as required.


·         Must be able to lift 30lbs.

·         Basic computer skills.

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

·         Strong time management and organizational skills.

·         Able to work independently.

·        Exceptional people skills.

·        Ability to think outside of the box and find creative solutions

Due to funding the student MUST meet the following criteria:

• You must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or a protected person as defined by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

• You must be enrolled in a program at a Canadian accredited post-secondary institution, during work placement period.
• You must be legally entitled to work in Canada.
Common disqualifiers:
• International students or students with work permits do not qualify.
• The student is an immediate family member of somebody in the organization.
“immediate family”: the father, mother, step-father, step-mother, brother, sister, spouse
(including common law partner), child (including child of common law partner), step-child,
ward, father in law, mother in law or relative permanently residing in the household of the

 position is 35 hours per week at $12.95 per hour.

To apply: Send a resume and cover letter to

Address 1415 Hwy 105, Bras D’Or, NS, B1Y 2N5