Summer 2020 Co-op (Work From Home) – Canadian Lumber

  • Location: Nova Scotia (Flexible within the Province)
  • Deadline: May 31, 2020

3731 Mackintosh Street

Halifax, NS B3K 5A5

Subject: Co-op placements

The Company:  Canadian Lumber is a Halifax-based small business supplying quality, all-natural and allergen-free cannabis accessories to Sobeys Grocery, NSLC Cannabis and Convenience stores throughout Canada.  Canadian Lumber works with Liquor, Cannabis and Convenience retailers to provide training and product updates to retail staff.  Our customers are legal recreational and medicinal cannabis patients.


The Need:

Business opportunities are expanding in the legal cannabis industry.  With Covid-19, we have chosen to suspend physical visits to avoid cross-contaminating.  However, as new accounts are opened during COVID, we have an immediate need to support essential retailers.  In addition, the COVID environment has provided new business challenges that require sales increases to offset account closures.


The Response:

Canadian Lumber would like to hire 3 summer students as Student Brand Ambassadors to support retailers across Canada – remotely by phone, email and digital communications – and based in Halifax.  The Student Brand Ambassadors will make outbound business development calls to existing and new clients based on lists provided.  Their objective is to introduce and communicate brand qualities to retail accounts, to collect retailer and market insights, and to build relationships with accounts throughout their term.


The Benefit to Students:

Students will be formally trained, provided scripts and practise sessions prior to live calls.  Frequent check-in and virtual “ride-alongs” will ensure proper training and confidence.  Senior management will monitor and coach the students directly on a daily basis to ensure students are well-trained, productive and growing in their roles.  Our students will be provided CRM software training via video-conference learning current cloud-based and video-conference technologies.  Facilitated weekly group sessions will be held, providing students an opportunity to share successes/opportunities, to mentor their peers, and work within a remote group environment.  Students will participate in goal setting, performance measurement, communications and serving clients professionally.


The Timing:

There is an immediate need.  There are opportunities to continue as campus Reps for university or community college students, as well as part-time Student Brand Ambassador roles continuing into the school year.


Ideal Students:

Ideal candidates are students looking to develop personal communications, organization and accountability.  Students must be 19+ years old.  Canadian Lumber also has an immediate need for NS-based francophone students to service essential services in Quebec.  We also have emerging markets in First Nations that would benefit from indigenous students with a culturally-relevant perspective.

To Apply: Please send your resume & cover letter to