RECENT OR POTENTIAL GRADS: Director of Economic Development

  • Location: Sherbrooke, NS
  • Deadline: June 14, 2024 at 12:00 pm

Economic Development Director Job Description May 2024

Employment Opportunity:
Reports to: Chief Administrative Officer
Classification: Permanent/ Full Time (35hrs/week/salary)
Salary range: $56,732 to $70,916
Purpose of the Position:
The Economic Development Director is the position within the municipality that leads efforts in facilitating economic and business  development to secure economic growth. The position will promote new and ongoing strategic projects designed to promote overall economic development including sustainable growth, expansion of local housing supply, support of local business, creation and increase
in the number of local employment opportunities, and support of climate change initiatives.

The Economic Development Director reports to the Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible for developing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating economic development initiatives within the Municipality of the District of Saint
Mary’s (MODSM). The Economic Development Director will prepare and keep current an Economic Development Plan for the municipality, identifying and recommending areas and sectors to focus on for potential growth immediately and over the medium to longer term.

List of Duties:
1. Develop strategies to increase housing unit development via planning strategies, policy initiatives and partnerships with housing groups (both for and not for profit developers).
2. Foster Economic Development and Housing Development within the Municipality in accordance with the Municipal Government Act.
3. Sustain and develop municipal planning and strategy tools to support economic development including but not limited to the Municipal Planning Strategy, Land Use By-law, and the Municipal Land Development “What we
heard report”.
4. Support climate change initiatives and planning strategies.
5. Develop positive relationships with existing businesses, tourism operators, individuals and community organizations to build trust and support for development of an economic development plan for the MODSM.
6. Develop and keep current economic profiles of the municipality and provide them to the relevant federal and provincial departments/agencies that are responsible for economic development.
7. Act as liaison between local organizations, businesses and individuals and representatives of government, business and industry concerning economic development and assist in capitalizing on economic development opportunities and projects that are identified.
8. Coordinate with local businesses and assist in establishing a business association with a broad representation of the business community across the entire municipality.
9. Conduct research and prepare reports for the CAO on potential economic development opportunities.
10.Seek private sector partners and business interests to develop projects in MODSM.
11.Evaluate business proposals and provide recommendations to the CAO and Council on the appropriateness and levels of support for the proposals.
12.Identify and promote capital development program opportunities and assist local businesses to take advantage of them for economic development projects.
13.Working under the Municipal Government Act develop potential incentive programs and policies for the municipality to consider offering to attract new businesses to the municipality and existing business to expand.
14. Manage special municipal programs and events related to economic development, such as Small Business Week or other opportunities as identified.

15.Prepare media releases, advertisements and promotional material related to economic development initiatives.
16.Preparing and managing budgets for the economic development department.
17.Other duties as assigned and/or required.

Education and Qualifications:
1. A degree in Business, Marketing, Economic Development, or a related field of study, (or equivalent experience).
2. Significant experience and proven success in economic development or project management work.
3. Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills with specific emphasis on business writing and business proposal writing skills.
4. Familiar with municipal government operations including land planning would be considered an asset.
5. GIS mapping experience would be considered an asset.

Applications by resumes and cover letters will be accepted until noon on Friday
June 14, 2024, or until the position is filled. Only those applicants selected for
interviews will be contacted. Applications will be accepted by email to or by Mail to 8296 HWY 7, PO Box 296,
Sherbrooke NS, B0J 3C0.
The successful candidate will undergo a reference review by the municipality.
An RCMP, Vulnerable Sectors and Child Abuse Registry check will be required to
satisfy standards for work with youth and/or vulnerable people.

The Municipal Human Resource Policy, available at provides more information about municipal employment standards, requirements, and benefits