P&G Supply Network Operations Intern, 2021 – Toronto, Ontario



Do you enjoy working with cutting-edge innovations, solving complex problems and finding new, simpler ways of working in a multi-functional team? Did you know that at P&G we consider the Supply Network Operations (SNO) as the engine that accelerates value creation?

Getting thousands of different products onto the shelves in our customer’s stores in the right quantities with precise quality in a very good time manner really does present a meaningful work every single day.

In Supply Network Operations at P&G, we are uniquely positioned to see the Supply Chain from end-to-end – starting with our materials through the touch point of our brands with shoppers in the market. We are the “voice of the customer” for supply and the integrator across the Company’s disciplines. As a member of the Supply Network Operations team, you will work with a group of dynamic, diverse individuals delivering a variety of product, retail customer, and supply chain initiatives that support our ‘Go to Market’ strategy. You will work with Sales, Marketing, Finance and Product Supply while leading projects that challenge your analysis, problem solving, and communication skills.

Supply Network Operations careers at P&G offer a wide variety of experiences including customer interface, people management, business analysis, project leadership and policy development. You will be offered major responsibilities immediately, while you grow your skills through a variety of on-the-job experiences and specialized training. You will be given direction, but will be expected to take responsibility and act as an entrepreneur in your area of the business. Your work will result in solutions that deliver “best in class” service to our customers and consumers.

We are currently recruiting for dynamic, passionate students to join our Supply Network Operations team in Toronto for an 8- or 12-month internship. These roles start in January 2021 or May 2021.

During your internship, P&G focuses on learning more about you, and evaluates if you are the right fit for a full-time position. You will have a mid-term and end-of-term evaluation, which are structured to help you assess your strengths as well as areas for development. Similarly, this is also an opportunity for you to learn more about P&G and understand the wide range of opportunities that we can provide.

Ultimately, you will have an internship with varying assignments and plenty of developmental opportunities:

Leadership Responsibility from Day 1

As an intern, you will have BIG responsibility from Day 1, making a real business impact, on consumers, in stores, and on brands.

World-class Learning and Leadership Development

We are committed to investing in YOU — you will work with passionate people and receive mentoring, coaching, and training from Day 1.

Customizable Career

Your internship with P&G is just the beginning. First, you will develop a strong skill set in the function you start in, enjoying the diversity of roles within this function. Next, depending on your interest, skills, and potential, you can further customize your career – grow within your field, explore cross-functional opportunities across brand and sales, or pursue international opportunities within P&G.


What would make you a great fit?

  • You possess natural leadership and business skills, demonstrated in academic and/or extracurricular activities.
  • You have tenacity and an entrepreneurial spirit, and are passionate about seeking out solutions to win.
  • You have strong communication skills that will enable you to thrive in a challenging and exciting work environment.
  • You enjoy analyzing data and thinking critically to uncover insights that will help influence business decisions.
  • You have a demonstrated track record of initiative, innovation, and creativity.

Are you ready to take the challenge? We invite you to join us!