People, Places, Policies and Prospects: Affordable Rental Housing for Those in Greatest Need Position Title: Data Input and Interview Transcriber

  • Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Deadline: November 19, 2021

People, Places, Policies and Prospects: Affordable Rental Housing for Those in Greatest
Position Title: Data Input and Interview Transcriber
Employment Duration: Fall and Winter Semesters (approximate dates: November
19th –
March 31st)
Hours: 8 Hours / Week
Rate of Pay: commensurate with experience and level of education
Project Lead: Dr. Catherine Leviten-Reid

Job Description:
This position will be responsible for producing transcripts of research activities associated with
the People, Places, Polices and Prospects research project led by Dr. Catherine Leviten-Reid. To be
successful in this position you should possess excellent typing, listening, and editing skills. You
should also be able to work independently with minimal supervision.
The candidate hired must also follow best practices in data management including:
• Following data management plans in the saving and storage of work outputs
• Using closed headphones when transcribing audio.
• Keeping all digital transcripts, documents, and files password protected and secure.
• Keeping printed materials in secure locations including locked filing cabinets.
• Deleting any email communications containing confidential information.
• Closing and securing all research files anytime they are not in use or if you are temporarily
away from your workstation.

Specific Job Tasks May Include:
• Listening to and transcribing interviews between investigators and research participants.
• Reviewing, editing, correcting, and formatting transcripts produced by speech recognition
• Completing work following formatting expectations of the principal investigator.
• Organizing and maintaining online file storage reflecting the People, Places, Policies and
Prospects Data Management Plan.
• Reporting ongoing progress on interview transcription progress.
• Attending meetings and performing other duties as required.
• Maintaining the security and confidentiality of all research data accessed in the completion
of your work.
How to Apply:
Please send a copy of your CV, a sample of your writing and a brief cover letter, outlining your
interest in this work, by November 19th, 2021. Send documents to William Roy and Dr. Catherine
Leviten-Reid at Only candidates selected for an interview
will be contacted.

About the Research Project – People, Places, Policies and Prospects:
This project is funded and developed through the SSHRC-CMHC Partnership Grant called People,
Places, Policies and Prospects, led by Dr. Catherine Leviten-Reid in the Shannon School of
Business. This project is multi-pronged, national in scope, and looks to answer the question “How
affordable housing approaches of different kinds affect the most vulnerable Canadians?”.
Specifically, this project examines how different forms of housing provision might contribute to
the following domains including: Health and Wellbeing, Neighbourhood Opportunities and Connections,
Economic Hardship, Housing Stability, and Housing Condition.