PART-TIME: Nova Nourishment: A project of the Island Sandbox, Cape Breton University

  • Location: Cape Breton University
  • Deadline: August 30, 2023 at 4:00 pm

Nova Nourishment: A project of the Island Sandbox.

Student Part-time Internship

Are you looking for a chance to make a difference in the lives of students and others with food security issues while developing your problem identification and solving skills? 


Nova Scotia is in a period of rapid inflation and rising living costs. The cost of living has led to a tightening of budgets for food and students are facing increased financial pressures and finding it difficult to be able to meet their basic needs. Student unions have reported a consistent increase in student reliance on food banks and some campuses are experiencing a mismatch between student’s cultural food preferences and the availability of culturally relevant foods on university campuses. Nova Nourishment will give student interns an opportunity to explore potential solutions and implement changes to help address student food security issues!

What is Nova Nourishment?

Nova Nourishment is a project of the Island Sandbox, challenging our interns to assess the state of food sovereignty and food security at Cape Breton University and across the Nova Scotia university system, and develop solutions to address these important issues!

The Island Sandbox will hire 4 interns to:

  1. Assess the state of food sovereignty and security and identify key issues on campus.
  2. Exploring how students can have access to culturally relevant foods
  3. Build, prototype and test solutions to those issues.
  4. Enhance and address food security and sovereignty for students.
  5. Test approaches to ensure the availability of affordable food options on-campus

What is a Nova Nourishment Internship?

A part-time work opportunity which aligns with the Fall and Winter academic semesters from September 2023 to April 2024.

Required time investment: 10 hours per week for 23 weeks:

  • Fall semester, week (Mon – Sun) of Sept 25thto and including week of Nov 27th
  • Winter semester, week of Jan 8th to and including week of April 1st

Interns will work in a team of 4, have the opportunity to develop new skills and test creative solutions to food security and sovereignty problems that matter for students and will connect and learn from teams from other campuses tackling similar issues.

With a focus on the question “How might we build food security and sovereignty for students on our campus?”, the internship commitment will be to learn, apply, and integrate innovation theories and methodologies by designing and testing solutions specifically for students on your campus.

Who should apply? 

You should apply if …

  • You are excited to learn innovative problem-solving methods to more effectively tackle complex social problems.
  • You embrace being pushed outside your comfort zone and are open to change.
  • The challenges associated with food security and sovereignty for students interest you.
  • Working with people who have a diversity of perspectives and skills excites you.
  • You will actively participate in all aspects of the project.
  • You are willing to devote 10 quality hours per week for the duration of the project to this employment opportunity.

How to apply? 

We are accepting resumes and cover letters in person in room CC-144, by 4pm, August 30, 2023.