PART-TIME: Jennifer Keeping Centre – Note Takers

  • Location: CBU
  • Deadline: February 24, 2022 at 4:00 pm

Jennifer Keeping Centre – Note Takers

The Jennifer Keeping Centre is looking for note takers for Fall 2021/Winter 2022. If you’re interested in this opportunity, please fill out an Employment Application for JKC or reach out to us at

A note-taker is an individual who takes notes for students who have difficulties with taking notes themselves.  Note takers are hired on as needed basis & are paid $150 at the end of each semester.

– Taking notes for the required classes as listed in the confirmation email sent to you by the JKC.
– Providing notes to the JKC within 24 hours of the class.
– Typed notes must be sent in Word format.
– Hand-written notes are neat, organized and legible.

Note Taker Rate of Pay
$150 per course

ACCT-4201-0 Karen Rowe NT
ACCT-4211-0 Sonny MacDougall NT
AN/S-3223-0 K Krug NT
ANTH-1104-73 Joseph Parish NT
BIOL-4501-0 B. Hatcher NT
CHEM-2601-2 Godwin D’Cunha NT
CHEM-2601L-3 Dr Ang NT
COMM-1103-9 Micheal MacDonald NT
COMM-1105-14 Odartey-Wellington, F NT
ECON-3101-0 Amar Anwar NT
ENGL1107:15 Dana Mount NT
ENGL-1107-18 Jason Kempt NT
ENVS2101:0 Dana Mount NT
ENVS-4103-0 Terry Gibbs NT
FINC-2403-11 Gibbons, J NT
FOLK-2404-0 Ian Brodie NT
MATH-1109-20 F. Elmagbri NT
MATH-1109L-22 Peggy Wright NT
MATH-1217-0 Peggy Wright NT
MGMT-3603-11 Jasmine Alam NT
MGSC-2103-0 Ron McCarron NT
MICR-2101-2 Bernard MacLennan NT
MIKM1101-1 A Marshall NT
MUSI-1101-0 Mathias Kom NT
NUTR-1101:2 Barre, E NT
NUTR-2106-0 Ed Barre NT
PHIL-2125 Sylvia Burrow NT
Phil-3115-0 Dr. James Gerrie NT
PHIL-3153-0 Lee-Anne Broadhead NT
POLS-1102-2 Thomas Urbaniak NT
PSYC 2605:0 Theriault, E NT
PSYC1103-76 Rachel Baker NT
PSYC-2111-10 Dr. Erin Robertson NT
PSYC-2111-11 Erin Robertson NT
PSYC-2401:76 Sikora, S NT
PSYC2503:75 Korol S. NT
PSYC-2603-10 Eric Theriault NT
SOCO-1301-76 Downton, Z NT
SPAL-1105:0 Campbell T NT
SPAL-1105-0 Teena Campbell NT
SPAL2107:0 Ed Barre NT
SPAL3109:0 Bettina Callary NT