Oxford Berry Farm & Forest Hills Farms – Full-Time Seasonal Workers – 6 Openings

  • Location: Oxford, Nova Scotia; Westchester, Nova Scotia
  • Deadline: May 8, 2020

Immediate Opening for 6 Full-Time Seasonal Workers

Work will begin at the Oxford Berry Farm, duties will include; preparing seed beds, planting, weeding and harvest.

After working at the Oxford Berry Farm, workers will then move 15 minutes east to Forest Hills Farms around the first week of August. Here you will be working in a temperature controlled environment picking over and packaging the fruit, you may also have the opportunity to work in the fields with a semi-automatic machine harvesting the fruit. This work is scheduled to continue until September 15th.

Accommodations Provided
Government inspected bunk houses that house up to 6 persons. Will be placed with other students. Lodging will not be co-ed.

Terms of Employment
$14.50/hour for 35 to 70/hrs per week
Deduction of $5.00 per calendar day for utilities and cleanup.
You are required to find your own transportation to the farms from their you will be transported to work each day.
You will prepare your own meals and laundry.

To learn more or to apply, please contact

George Johnston: (902) 897-3750
Kent Thompson: (902) 664-7686


Oxford Berry Farm, (Kent Thompson)
115 Knol Drive,
Oxford, N.S.,
B0M 1P0,

Forest Hills Farms, (George Johnston)
3392 Wentworth/Collingwood Road,
Westchester, N.S.
B0M 1E0