Long Term Care Assistant – Carefield Manor (Residential Care Facility)

  • Location: 1 Dryden Ave, Sydney, NS
  • Deadline: May 23, 2020

Long Term Care Assistant ( LTCA )

Residential Care Facility

Position: Long Term Care Assistant
Reports to: Registered Nurse / Administrator
Hours of Employment: Rotating Shifts, 7 days a week

To provide competent and compassionate resident care within the scope of his/her scope of employment, working with the resident under the direction of the RN and Administrator. The philosophy of care is based on respect and dignity for each individual resident and their families; as well, facilitating their right to plan and participate in their care to their fullest potential. The Long Term Care Assistant must, therefore, be familiar with the mission, goals, objectives, policies and procedures of Carefield Manor and to work within them.


  • Meet the physical needs, preparing meals, encouraging socialization.
  • The LTCA practices good Infection Control Practices & Safe Food Handling in the setup, distribution, and assistance with meal preparation and consumption by Carefield Manor Ltd residents
  • The LTCA maintains good hygienic principles in the cleaning and sanitary management of all areas of this Residential Care Facility.
  • The LTCA reports any noted changes or concerns in resident condition verbally to the Administrator through documentation in the resident record, through Care report & where appropriate.
  • The LTCA documents presentation, progress and response to ongoing treatment for all residents in accordance with the policies on documentation for Carefield Manor.
  • Be aware of current established scope of employment.
  • Responsible for good attendance and punctuality.
  • Understand and comply with the Codes of Employee Conduct.
  • To ensure the principal of confidentiality in all matters pertaining to Carefield Manor and Resident Care, and understand the ethical and legal implications underlying this principle.
  • Must be reliable, conscientious, and sensitive to the needs of others and possess the ability to convey warmth, respect, and a caring attitude to residents at all times.
  • Must have knowledge of the principles of Infection Control and perform duties within those principles to avoid infection or the spread of contagious diseases.
  • Must be aware of the importance of maintaining a safe, clean environment within Carefield Manor in order to prevent or minimize risk of falls/accidents or other hazardous occurrences to residents, staff members and the public. To promptly report any broken/defective equipment or other hazardous circumstances.
  • Complete any incident/accident reports as witnessed on the Carefield Manor Incident Report Form, sign name and status, and report any such occurrence to the appropriate charge person along with the completed form.
  • To report any noted changes in a resident’s physical, mental, or behavioural status immediately to the senior person to facilitate further assessment and follow-up if required.
  • To respect the resident’s need for privacy and independence in the provision of personal care and interaction.
  • To perform duties & to work in a manner that reinforces the client’s personhood & value as an individual
  • To participate in restorative care programs, enabling the resident to achieve and to maintain an optimal level of functioning; and as required to promote psychosocial well-being for the residents of Carefield Manor.
  • To be able to anticipate the needs of the cognitively impaired resident and provide care that is within the scope of his/her employment, based on these needs.
  • To know the principles of good body mechanics and apply them in all his/her tasks.
  • To be familiar with the use of fire equipment and location of fire alarms, exits, and exit alarms and to know one’s role & responsibility during fire procedures or drills.
  • It is the LTCA’s legal and moral obligation to report any observed or suspected verbal, emotional or physical abuse of a resident.
  • To have a positive attitude toward performance appraisals re: setting of goals related to career and development.
  • To ensure the clients rooms, bathrooms, common areas are kept clean, tidy and neat.
  • To recognize the importance of on-going learning and self development and/or take responsibility for his/her self development and learning needs.
  • To attend educational and in-service programs deemed mandatory by Carefield.
  • To be able to receive instructions and carry them out, completing all assigned tasks.
  • Receive report and give report daily.
  • Completes documentation on flow sheets. Charting of weights, blood pressure, TPR, and care notes.
  • Replenishing charts and keeping them tidy.
  • Participates in staff meetings, be certified in WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System), Food Handlers and First Aid.
  • Must keep all bedside units clean and tidy as well as all clothing and linen areas.
  • Must wipe up spills and clean up any incontinence immediately.
  • Practice good hand washing techniques & practice good infection control techniques to assist in the control of the spread of infection.
  • Offer all residents fresh water with meals, between meals and as requested by residents to ensure good hydration and elimination.
  • Must remain current with policies, procedures, memos and Emergency Plan.
  • Adhere to the RCF recreation calendar and participate in client activities.
  • Staff assigned to passing out medications will be responsible for voice recording all briefings to staff and will be required to fill out the briefing sheets that will enhance communication.
  • Perform extra duties as requested.

Educational Requirement upon hiring:

  • CPR/First Aid
  • OH& S
  • Criminal Record Check (Vulnerable Sector)
  • Food Handlers
  • Valid Drivers License
  • CPI – NCVI
  • 120 Hrs clinical @ RCF ( with CCA )
  • Fire & Safety
  • Basic Principles of Personal Care

Contact Information

Tel: 902-567-6424
Fax: 902-567-9818
Email: info@carefieldmanor.com