Loblaw Companies Limited – Transportation Load Planner – Moncton, NB

Transportation Load Planner

The Transportation Planning Center is responsible for the daily planning of all vendor (inbound) purchase orders and all store (outbound) delivery orders into efficient and cost-effective loads. The Transportation Planner utilizes the Transportation Management System to plan loads that meet the needs of the business from a customer perspective (planned arrival within target delivery window) while meeting the compliance and cost requirements of being planned according to LCL standard operating procedures, utilizing LCL approved transportation carriers, routed to minimize travelled miles and maximize product on the trailer.   As our supply chain operations is constantly evolving, this role is expected to keep pace with change through continuous improvement and innovation.  Emphasis is placed on the effective use of different carrier modes, geographic routing and integrating inbound and outbound orders onto the same truck to maximize freight efficiencies to Loblaw.


Key Responsibility/Accountability:

  • Manage systematic order inputs from SAP, and address issues in a timely manner
  • Ensure “rush” orders, insider product orders, direct to store orders, specialty programs are planned with priority, with the internal/external customer’s needs in mind
  • Follow up on customer (retail/warehouse/replenishment) inquiries – answering with priority
  • Continually monitor load plan optimization and manually plan routes:
    • Validate that the geographical routing makes sense with no excessive amount of empty miles
    • Deliveries and pick-ups are sequenced in a logical manner, adhering to existing delivery and pickup windows
    • Weight and cube are as close to a full trailer as possible, optimizing outbound and inbound order quantities
    • Store deliveries have a vendor backhaul added eliminating deadhead loads, where possible
    • Specialty mode/equipment has been utilized to capacity, such as long combination vehicles, interchanges and highway programs
  • Review load reconciliation trends; identify any trends and patterns which may require corrective action (configuration tuning) to plan appropriately


Job Specific Skills / Qualifications:

  • University or College degree in Supply Chain discipline
  • Strong knowledge of Transportation Planning and Supply Chain process flows
  • Strong ability to work with external groups to resolve issues and inefficient processes, benefiting overall Supply Chain
  • Good troubleshooting and analytics skills, with the ability to interpret metrics into potential areas of opportunities
  • Strong Communication skills, working between planning colleagues, operations and management
  • Ability to work with a number of different groups on a wide area of projects and objectives
  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently to address issues
  • Ability to work weekdays and weekend over shifts that cover day, afternoon and night


You must be in your final internship semester for this role as there is a possibility it could become a continuing full-time position.

Please send your resumes to student_jobs@cbu.ca via your CBU email.