Co-op: Interuniversity Services Inc: Procurement and Contract Management Assistant

  • Location: 120 Western Parkway Suite 202, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3B 0V2
  • Deadline: November 11, 2019 at 11:59 pm

Procurement and Contract Management Assistant – Temporary / Term Position

START DATE: January 2020

END DATE: April 2020




The Procurement and Contract Management Assistant will be required to perform tasks focused on business and supply processes, including processes specific to the post-secondary educational collaborative procurement environment. The Procurement and Contract Management Assistant will gain an enhanced working knowledge and understanding of public sector strategic sourcing, business reporting, business and supply management practices and supplier / customer relations.

The Procurement and Contract Management Assistant is responsible for advancing the following key initiatives:

  • ISI Web Site: Advance the consistency, relevancy, and quality of contract information accessible by ISI Members.
  • Contract Management: Advance ISI’s efforts to improve contract management to enhance value to ISI members.
  • ISI Value Report: Advance the standards and practices related to the ISI value reporting process. This responsibility will require advanced Excel skills.


Priorities will be defined following assessment of ISI’s current business goals and the skills and interests of the Procurement and Contract Management Assistant.

  • ISI Web Site:
    • Complete an audit of the contract information currently available to ISI members via the ISI Website;
    • In collaboration with staff and members, define the standard of information required;
    • In collaboration with staff, define best practices necessary to maintain this standard.
  • Contract Management:
    • Review the quarterly reports provided by ISI key suppliers
    • Assess the KPIs that are reported by key suppliers
    • In collaboration with staff and members, define a preferred process for memberengagement and KPI reporting to member.
    • In collaboration with staff and members, define a template for key supplierreporting.
  • ISI Value Report:
    • Review the current ISI value reporting process and the current Excel tool;
    • Assess the data collection and reporting process;
    • Develop a standard template for supplier data submission;
    • Define contractual obligations to ensure efficient and effective supplier input;
    • In collaboration with staff and members, recommend and implement enhanced reporting.
  •  ISI Values:

The Procurement and Contract Management Assistant will be guided by and demonstrate commitment for the mission, vision, and values of ISI.

  • Healthy work environment:
    • The Procurement and Contract Management Assistant will promote and maintain a physically and mentally healthy workplace.
    • The Procurement and Contract Management Assistant will maintain a healthy work / life balance.
  • Customer service focus:
    • Work collaboratively with fellow staff to enhance project management, contract management, stakeholder engagement, supplier-member relations and ISI’s values.
  • Continuous improvement:
    • Develop a competency and embrace the tools and processes that are available or in development within the organization.
  • Member value:
    • Work effectively with all stakeholders within the member institutions and the supplier community to achieve overall cost improvements and value- added services.


  • Post-Secondary Business Student
  • Success will require strong technical and business analytical skills, leveraging various tools such as Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Project Management software.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to listen and assess customer needs, prioritize needs/requirements, and communicate them cross-functionally.
  • Strong relationship building skills to constructively foster relationships internally and externally.
  • The ability to work independently and be accountable for the responsibilities assigned.
  • A combination of education and / or experience sufficient to provide a foundation for learning.

REPORTING TO: Chief Executive Officer


  • Sets objectives with the Chief Executive Officer and Contract Managers and act independently to ensure these objectives are fulfilled.


The Procurement and Contract Management Assistant shall maintain professional and effective relationships with key stakeholders.

  • Internal: ISI staff and staff of associated organizations, including Novanet, HISS and NSCAT.
  • Member Based: Member Representatives including but not limited to committee members, subject matter experts, project team members, etc.
  • Supplier Based: Account Managers; Regional, National, Corporate or Strategic Account Sales and Marketing Managers; Sales personnel; Service personnel; etc.
  • Others: Government agencies and other key stakeholders.