English Teaching Assistant in France 2020-2021

  • Location: France
  • Deadline: February 14, 2020 at 11:00 pm

Program Overview

The Teaching Assistant Program in France (“Programme des Assistants de langue en France”) is a joint initiative of the French Ministry of Education, France Education International (formerly called CIEP) and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in Canada. The program’s goal is to strengthen English-language instruction in French schools by establishing a native speaker presence, while providing Canadian Francophiles with an excellent teaching experience abroad and a thorough knowledge of French language and culture.

Job Duties

Assistants teach a minimum of 12 hours per week in up to 3 different schools (close location to one another). Classes are conducted mostly in English. Teaching assistants conduct all or part of a class, typically leading conversations in English but their duties can also include:

  •  Serving as a resource person in conversation groups
  • Providing small group and individual tutorials
  • Introducing French students to Canadian culture and history
  • Running book/cinema/English-language clubs -…Assignments vary depending on the school’s needs and the teaching assistant’s abilities.

    Work contracts are available in elementary schools (children aged 8-11 years old) or secondary schools (students aged 11-18 years old). You can indicate your preference in the application form.

    Contract Length

    All teaching contracts last 7 months, from October 1st through April 30th. Short-term contracts, summer contracts and alternative start dates are NOT available.


976,49 € gross per month (about 1425$ CAD) for 12h of work per week.

Due to the higher cost of living in the overseas departments, assistants assigned in French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and La Réunion receive an additional salary allowance of 30% to 35%. The stipend provides enough money to live the lifestyle of a typical French student in most regions of France (but NOT in Paris due to the very high cost of living in the capital region). No additional financial support is provided for travel to France or for dependents. Personal funds are needed for the initial period of the contract.


The program offers positions in all regions of metropolitan France and in the overseas departments of French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and La Réunion. Applicants may indicate up to three regions of preference on their application form. Accepted applicants receive placement in a specific French Académie (school district) when they are notified of their acceptance, in April.

Eligibility requirements

CITIZENSHIP: Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada at the time of application.

AGE: Applicants must be between 20 and 35 years old on the start date of the program. The age limit is strict and we cannot make exceptions. We do not offer any similar programs for people not meeting this program’s eligibility requirements.

EDUCATION: Applicants must be enrolled in university, having completed at least two years of university studies on the start date of the program. If you are not currently enrolled in university but have recently graduated (within the two last years) or stopped your studies, you can apply if you have previous experience in teaching or a degree in Education.

Applicants from ALL study fields are eligible and encouraged to apply to the program.

BACKGROUND: Applicants must have completed the majority of their secondary and university studies in Canada.

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Proficiency in French is required (minimum B1 level on Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). French majors and minors are encouraged to apply. Language skills are essential to facilitating work in the classroom and integrating into a new community. A letter of recommendation attesting to the applicant’s French skills, attitude and work ethic is required.

OTHER: The selection process favours applicants who have prior experience teaching or working with children, adolescents and/or adults. All applicants should demonstrate at least an interest in Education.

Candidates must possess the skills to promote cultural understanding between France and Canada. Previous experience living, working and/or traveling abroad is helpful in demonstrating this ability and an appreciation of other cultures.

You must be available to start the contract on October 1st. It is not negotiable. If you are not available to start on October 1st, we will reject your application as an English assistant in France.


Applicants are notified of their selection in early April. Acceptance e-mails specify the Académie (school district) to which the applicant is assigned. All placements are final. If accepted, awards cannot be deferred to the following academic year. It is not possible to change your Académie once you are posted.

Apply now by visiting: https://francecanadaculture.org/english-teaching-assistant/application/