CO-OP SUMMER 2024: Bike tour leaders and drivers, for cycling and hiking holidays.

  • Location: Hubbards, NS
  • Deadline: March 17, 2024 at 11:59 am

Job Title: Bike tour leaders and drivers, for cycling and hiking holidays.


Do you enjoy small groups and outdoor activities? 

Meet interesting people!

Spend lots of time outside!

Be creative while looking after people – great job satisfaction!

Travel, ride, hike, swim!

Eat well!

Earn 200-300/day!


Freewheeling is looking for guides and drivers, June to October. Schedule is flexible, and part-time is possible. Missions are usually for one week at a time, and we try to give you as few or as many weeks as you like. If you are on a co-op education term we will meet the time requirements of your co-op, and may provide a more varied role with some office responsibilities to do so. You will host small groups in Atlantic Canadian provinces (and possibly some European countries). The tours are van-supported and service-oriented. Most tour vans and cars for Canadian tours leave from Freewheeling headquarters in Hubbards, NS.

Tasks include:

·         Trip equipment preparation – usually a half-day or a couple of hours per trip.

·         Driving – small cars to 15-passenger vans.

·         Management of tour finances – daily recording; weekly reporting.

·         Following and updating tour manuals.

·         Liaison with innkeepers, restaurateurs, etc.

·         Keeping bicycles clean and in top working order.

·         Daily introductory talks with the groups.

·         Paying attention to riders from the support van, or leading hiking groups on trails. \

·         Riding with guests if you like.

Skills include:

·         Caring for enjoyment.

·         Keeping things running smoothly in a field-oriented situation

·         Good driving to keep passengers safe, confident, and comfortable

·         Bike care and adjustment, except on hiking tours. Mechanical skills are helpful but not essential. Some training will be provided.

·         Being organized with paperwork, schedule, and equipment.


Qualifications required:

·         1st Aid Training

·         Valid driver’s license with clean or reasonably clean record. Class 4 driver’s license is not immediately necessary, but will open up many more possibilities.


·         One-week assignments, usually. Season runs mid-June to mid-October, and schedule varies within this timeframe, to suit you and the business needs. Busiest times are early July to mid-September.

·         Meals and lodging included – usually BnBs and hostels, occasionally camping

·         Salary starts at $150/day. Gratuities for good service usually make it $200-300.

Good guides usually begin with easy, self-guided trips. These usually give you lots of time to yourself. You simply need to drive daily, set up the guests with their plan and equipment, then see them once daily as you move their luggage between inns.

Business website is Apply online and/or by email: