BHTM Summer 2022 – Dorm Co-Ordinator & Attendant – Fox Harb’r Resort – Wallace, NS

Dorm Co-Ordinator & Attendant
Fox Harb’r Resort is a 5 Star, 4 Diamond Resort nestled along the coast of the Northumberland Strait in
Wallace, Nova Scotia. As a post secondary student, we are offering an exceptional opportunity for you to
experience a unique work experience while enjoying this 5 Star Luxury work environment. Spending the
summer in a rural Nova Scotia setting at a breath-taking resort, will provide you with a wealth of experience
from living on property, combination positions and/or unique Internships, all while learning managerial traits
and techniques through enrolment in our Fox Harb’r Intern/Coop 2022 Program.
Position Description
The Dorm Co-ordinator & Attendant’s role will be to work with the Dormees (staff who live there) to ensure a safe,
prideful and comfortable living condition and experience for all. Included, will be the programming, and hosting (as
appropriate) for Dormee events to provide socialization and a sense of community for all involved. This position will
report to the Sr. Asst. Housekeeper & Dorm Manager.
As an Internship/Co-op, it will be included in the exclusive Fox Harb’r Intern/Coop 2022 Program with
the following related opportunities for continued growth and skill development:
• A mentor from the management team will be assigned to this candidate to ensure bi-monthly check-ins as the
successful candidate works toward understanding their responsibilities and the adoption of management traits
and styles in dealing with Dormees both younger and older and from all walks of life.
• Attendance at a minimum of 4 of the Leaders’ weekly meeting with the Executive Committee
• An assigned meeting with the President of Fox Harbour, to discuss the successful candidate’s career aspirations.
• Attendance at a minimum of 4 “learning workshop” Fox Harb’r holds for Interns/Co-op Students throughout
the season. Various workshop titles will be covered ie Providing Feedback; Supervisory Challenges to
Overcome; Understanding Hotel Finances; etc. etc.
• A member of the Heath & Safety Committee.
Reports to: Sr. Asst. Housekeeper & Dorm Manager
Areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to the following:
• On-boarding of all Dormees as they arrive to the Dorms (ie welcoming them; showing to their rooms; reviewing the
rules of the dorms and social calendar; reviewing all safety protocols and generally getting Dormees settled into the
routine of Dorm life.
• On-going cleaning of general/common areas of the dorms (living areas; kitchens; bathrooms and hallways) using
proper chemicals and cleaning methods; removal of garbage, recyclables and refundables.
• Assuring Dormees understand and are communicated with when basic habits of living in a dorm, are not adhered to
and assure open lines of communications with direct report on all incidents and circumstances of significance.
• Preparing guestrooms for arrivals and departures of Dormees (stripping and/or making up beds, floor cleaning and
dusting/wiping out dressers). Sr. Asst. Housekeeper & Dorm Manager will co-ordinate with the HR department to
understand who is coming and going at various times – and communicate same.
• Reporting and following up on all maintenance issues.
• Designing and programming of a social calendar of events with final approval of the Sr. Asst. HSKP & Dorm Manager.
• Hosting events as appropriate.
• Co-ordinating with designated drivers taking Dormees to appointments (ie Medical appts; groceries; shopping
expeditions; Pub nights; movie nights etc.) into Tatamagouche, Pugwash or Truro.
• Keeping clean (and trash free) the Recreation Barn and Laundry facility.
• Ensure that all health and sanitation protocols are being met.

This is a new position for the Resort and has a strong potential for providing a Intern or Co-op student with the
opportunity to hone communication skills, exercise administrative skills in lease sign-ups and deposit tracking; to supervise
activities, to create and present for approval an events plan/schedule with budget, to execution such a plan, establish and
chair the Dorm Committee and finally, to shape and impact the experience of the Resort staff who choose to live in dorms.
• 1st, 2nd, 3rd year or graduating Intern/Co-op Studies student for a post secondary institution.

To apply please send your resume & cover letter to (Please include the position and property you are applying for in the email subject line)

At Fox Harb’r we know every employee is a valued part of our team. Our benefits include:
    • Competitive wages, Gratuities
    • Travel Fuel Allowance
    • Discounts at the Resort’s dining areas
    • Discounts on Accommodations, Golf and Spa services and products
    • Friends and Family Rates for overnight accommodations
    • Complimentary use of the Junior Olympic Pool, Mineral Pool and Fitness Room
    • Team Member rates for Golf, Sport Shooting, Kayaking, Trail Rides etc
    • Team Member Activities and Department Incentives
    • Team Member Education Funding and Bursary Program
    • Team Member housing availability