Summer 2022 Co-op Finance and Accounting Student – CRA – Halifax or Sydney

Title of the position: Opportunities for Students in Finance & Accounting – Halifax & Sydney, Nova Scotia

A brief description:
Are you an aspiring student looking for an opportunity to utilize your skills, creativity, and knowledge, while gaining valuable work experience in a rewarding and invigorating work environment?

Look no further. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is currently looking for students in Finance and Accounting to fill SU-02/03 positions.

As a student in finance and accounting, you may be asked to do the following types of roles at the Canada Revenue Agency:

1.Audit: Ensure compliance of the acts administered by CRA by performing searches, processing data, communicating with various internal and external clients as well as generating reports.

2.Finance Officer: Assist financial officers in the day to day operations of CRA by creating tools to track information and presentations to deliver financial information.

3.Problem Resolution: Communicate with various internal and external clients to resolve contentious issues or help taxpayers navigate through our systems.

4.Business Intelligence: Conduct risk assessment on taxpayers GST or Income Tax returns in order to determine high risk files for the compliance branch program.

5.Excise Duty: Complete excise duty licences, answer general or technical enquiries related to the excise duties and answer technical enquiries on the application of the fuel charge.

6.GST/HST rulings: Review documents and research legislation, jurisprudence, publications and policies in order to give taxpayers opinions, interpretations or rulings.

The above list is not exhaustive and is subject to change.

To apply

For Summer 2022 positions:

Persons living in Canada or Canadian citizens living abroad, who are enrolled full-time* in Finance or Accounting field of studies at a recognized post-secondary institution during Summer 2022 or Fall 2022.

*Students enrolled in studies on a part-time basis due to a disability that is recognized by their academic institution are also eligible to apply.

If you are a Student with a work/study permit, you may apply. However, preference will be given to Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents who meet the essential requirements.

How do I apply?

To apply, you must create a Candidate Profile on the CRA Careers website and attach the following at the time of your application:

A transcript as proof of enrolment in a program at a recognized educational institution

A cover letter and resume (Don’t forget to indicate if you have previous work experience within the Federal Government)

To attach the documents to your application, you must:

  1. 1.Upload and save your resume and cover letter in the “Documents” section of your Candidate Profile.
  2. 2.Upload and save your transcript in the “Education” section of your Candidate Profile
  3. 3.Prior to clicking “Submit application”, attach your resume and cover letter  by selecting the box next to the documents.

If your documents are not attached at the time of your application, you will not be considered further in this process.

We encourage you to visit the how to register and create a candidate profile page for more information about the Candidate Profile and the CRA Job Opportunities Helpdesk.

We encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible as the closing date and time on this notice of job opportunity may change.

If you are considered further, we will notify you in writing of the next step in this staffing process.


No experience required, but if you have any relevant experience or experience working for the Federal Government, please indicate on your resume and cover letter.

Closing date:
January 24, 2022 11:59 PM Eastern Time

Job location:
Halifax and Sydney, Nova Scotia



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