2 Bedroom House, 36 Macrae Avenue, Sydney

$2200 Lease

This is a brand new house with an attached garage, available to rent immediately to 4 tenants in total.

This house is not furnished and utilities are not included in tenants rent. The house has a washing machine and dryer.

The nearest bus stop is located on Kings Road by Cantyle Drive, approximately a 5-minute walk from this house.

There are no pets permitted in the house.

Rent is $2200/Month in total, with a $1100 damage deposit required.



Phone: 902-304-6727

Email: johnforrest67@gmail.com

  • Category:
    • House
  • Status:
    • Available
  • Features:
    • 2 Bedrooms
    • Parking
    • Private Bathroom
    • Private Kitchen
    • Storage
  • Rent Period:
    • Lease