18 Canso Drive, Sydney

18 Canso Drive, Sydney
  • Date added: 01/07/20


Large bedroom with private bathroom/shower, furnished with bed(s), dresser, desk, chair, lamps located at 18 Canso Drive, Sydney.

Amenities include wifi, all utilities, and laundry; access to full kitchen. For either 1 student, or 2 shared (with 2 double beds). Monthly lease is required.  5minute walk to bus route; Car ride provided most mornings, arriving CBU by 9am. Available immediately.

$700 per month if single; $500 each if double capacity. Prefer non-smoking vegetarian/female tenant(s), or married couple. Cats on premises, therefore must be pet-friendly tenant(s). Access to family room with large screen TV. Access to heated outdoor pool in warmer months

Contact Suzanne at 902 202-2433