Undergraduate Tuition and Fees: Spring/Summer 2017

Please visit the Financial Policies page to view the Financial Policies for the 2017 Spring/Summer term.

Degree / Diploma Courses Cost Students’ Union IT Fee Campus Renewal Fee
Undergraduate Courses:
6 credit course $1,392.00 $48.00 $15.00 $28.00
3 credit course $696.00 $24.00 $7.50 $14.00
Nursing Courses:
6 credit course $1,524.00 $48.00 $15.00 $28.00
3 credit course $762.00 $24.00 $7.50 $14.00
BEd Courses:
6 credit course $1,660.00 $48.00 $15.00 $28.00
3 credit course $830.00 $24.00 $7.50 $14.00
Practicum $4,150.00
Education Courses:
6 credit course $1,516.00 $48.00 $15.00 $28.00
3 credit course $758.00 $24.00 $7.50 $14.00
Work placement fee $657.00
Campus Activity Fee $35.00 Mandatory for all students, non-refundable
Lab Fee per course with a lab, except hospitality & tourism $61.00 Not applicable to distance courses
Lab Fee per HATM course with a cooking lab $87.00
Students’ Union Health Plan
Students’ Union Dental Plan
International Health & Dental Plan (Single Coverage) 732.00 Mandatory for international students
International Health & Dental Plan (Family Coverage) 1800.00 Optional (student must opt in)
International Differential Fees:
6 credit course or equivalent $1,392.00
3 credit course or equivalent $696.00
Online Education Fees:
6 credit course $87.00 Non refundable
3 credit course $87.00 Non refundable
NOTE: The Campus Renewal Fee is not applicable to distance courses.
Nova Scotia Bursary (Nova Scotia residents)
For the 2017 Spring/Summer term, Nova Scotia students studying at CBU will automatically qualify to receive a bursary from the Province of Nova Scotia to be applied against tuition in the amount of $128.30 per three credit course. If a student withdraws from a course, the bursary is reversed in accordance with CBU “Class Withdrawal and Financial Refunds” policy. The above quoted tuition fees do not reflect this bursary. For example: Student registers for one three credit course, tuition charge is $657.00-$128.30=$528.70 balance owed by student.
Other Academic Fees
Application Fee (undergraduate program) non refundable. $36.00
Application Fee International Students (undergraduate) (non refundable upon completion of registration $65.00 is applied to student account.) $103.00
Application Fee (education diploma program) $50.00
Graduation Fee $21.00
NSF or other returned cheque handling charge $21.00
Prior Learning Assessment Application Fee (non refundable) $52.00
Prior Learning Assessment Fee (non refundable) 50% of tuition for course credits granted to a maximum of $2,200.00
Replacement Parchment Fee $21.00
Transfer Credit Application Fee (non refundable) $52.00
Audit Fees (non refundable) One half of the tuition
For applications or to download forms, click here.