Undergraduate Tuition and Fees: Fall/Winter

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Degree / Diploma Courses Cost Students’ Union Students’ Union CFS Membership IT Fee Campus Renewal Fee
Undergraduate Courses:
6 credit course $1,474.00 $48.00 $3.60 $25.00 $34.00
3 credit course $737.00 $24.00 $1.80 $12.50 $17.00
Nursing Courses:
6 credit course $1,644.00 $48.00 $3.60 $25.00 $34.00
3 credit course $822.00 $24.00 $1.80 $12.50 $17.00
B.Ed Courses:
6 credit course $1,758.00 $48.00 $3.60 $25.00 $34.00
3 credit course $879.00 $24.00 $1.80 $12.50 $17.00
Practicum $4,395.00
Education Diploma Courses:
6 credit course $1,606.00 $48.00 $3.60 $25.00 $34.00
3 credit course $803.00 $24.00 $1.80 $12.50 $17.00
Work placement fee $737.00
Other Fees
Campus Activity Fee $66.00 Mandatory for all students, non-refundable
Lab Fee per course with a lab, except hospitality & tourism $63.00 Not applicable to distance courses
Lab Fee per HATM course with a cooking lab $88.00
Students’ Union Health Plan $155.00
Students’ Union Dental Plan $125.00
International Health & Dental Plan (Single Coverage) $732.00 Mandatory for international students
International Health & Dental Plan (Family Coverage) TBA Optional (student must opt in)
International Differential Fees:
6 credit course or equivalent $1,474.00
3 credit course or equivalent $737.00
Online Education Fees:
6 credit course $90.00 Non refundable
3 credit course $90.00 Non refundable
NOTES: The Campus Renewal Fee is not applicable to distance courses.

There is a new fee implemented for the 2017-2018 academic year, the “Students’ Union Membership Association Fee”. This fee is $1.80 per three credit course and $3.60 per six credit course and is charged to all undergraduate level, Nursing, B.Ed, and Education Courses. Please contact the Students’ Union for further information.

Nova Scotia Bursary (Nova Scotia residents)
For the 2017/2018 academic year, Nova Scotia students studying at CBU will automatically qualify to receive a bursary from the Province of Nova Scotia to be applied against tuition in the amount of $128.30 per three credit course. If a student withdraws from a course, the bursary is reversed in accordance with CBU “Class Withdrawal and Financial Refunds” policy. The above quoted tuition fees do not reflect this bursary. For example: Student registers for one three credit course, tuition charge is $737.00-$128.30=$608.70 balance owed by student.
Other Academic Fees
Application Fee (undergraduate program) non refundable. $36.00
Application Fee International Students (undergraduate) (non refundable upon completion of registration $65.00 is applied to student account.) $103.00
Application Fee (education diploma program) $50.00
Graduation Fee $21.00
NSF or other returned cheque handling charge $21.00
Prior Learning Assessment Application Fee (non refundable) $52.00
Prior Learning Assessment Fee (non refundable) 50% of tuition for course credits granted to a maximum of $2,200.00
Replacement Parchment Fee $21.00
Transfer Credit Application Fee (non refundable) $52.00
Audit Fees (non refundable) 50% of the tuition
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