English Language Training

CBU is here to help you succeed. That is the reason we partnered with the International Centre for English Academic Preparation (ICEAP). It is designed to offer English Academic Preparation (EAP) courses to international students who want to go to CBU but have not yet achieved the required TOEFL/IELTS test scores.

ICEAP allows students to familiarize themselves with the academic atmosphere of CBU, so they can quickly fit into campus life, make friends with other students and be better prepared for their academic studies while also taking the ICEAP language enhancement program. Once the EAP program has been successfully completed, qualified students can enter the undergraduate or graduate programs to which they have been conditionally accepted at CBU without writing a language test or needing to submit TOEFL/IELTS scores.

English Language Training:

Students who successfully complete one of these programs are deemed to have met Cape Breton University’s English language proficiency requirement without further testing required.   There is a separate application process for admission to each of these institutions and their websites should be consulted for more information.

Applicants who meet Cape Breton University’s academic requirements but are not able to demonstrate English language proficiency at the time of application may be offered a conditional admission.  With an offer of conditional admission you can apply for your study permit (visa).  However, until you have met the English language proficiency requirement you may not begin your university level studies.

  • International Centre of English for Academic Preparation (ICEAP) located in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.   www.iceap.ca