Articulation Agreements

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Prospective Transfers:

Credit Transfer

The transfer of credit refers to the acceptance of courses by CBU from another institution (external transfer) or from one CBU program to another program (internal transfer). All external credit arrangements are administered by the Enrolment Services Office , in consultation with the dean and the appropriate department. All internal credit arrangements are administered by the academic schools in consultation with the Enrolment Services Office.

Students seeking transfer credit assessments must submit the Application for Transfer Credit Assessment with the non-refundable application fee to the Enrolment Services Office . Applications are available at the Enrolment Services Office or at Transfer credits are not activated until registration. Applications received after August 1, cannot be guaranteed for processing for September registration.

External Transfer

All first- and second-year credit courses offered at all other Canadian universities will be accepted for credit at CBU, with the following limitations:

  • A minimum of 50% of the courses must be completed at CBU in a degree, diploma or certificate program,   unless stated otherwise in the program descriptions.
  • Credit transfer is distinct from admission and decisions with regard to admission remain the prerogative of CBU
  • The specific program requirements of CBU must be met. An otherwise acceptable transfer credit may not be usable in a particular program of study
  • Students must also meet any requirements with regard to grades. External credits will be treated identically with those of CBU students who move from one program to another within the institution. If a grade of 60% is required in a CBU prerequisite course, for example, then a 60% grade will also be required in a transfer course. A dean, in consultation with the Registrar and the department, may approve courses beyond the first and second year levels for credit transfer in degree, diploma and certificate programs, bearing in mind that at least 50% of courses must be completed at CBU.

CBU has entered into a variety of special agreements with other institutions and such agreements often provide for extended credit transfer arrangements within specific CBU programs. For general information on such arrangements, contact the Enrolment Services Office.