Events - Research

Verschuren Centre Presents: Developing industry solutions and opportunities to grow a sustainable economy

Location: CS 101 The Verschuren Centre was established on a legacy of environmental remediation to bring sustainable industry development to Cape Breton Island.  It is a research, development, and demonstration Centre providing technology development for new industry as well as tech solutions for existing businesses.  The Centre’s work is based on four priority themes: Renewable Energy Production More »

RP Funding Showcase

Location: CS 101 RP Showcase I  10:30am – 11:45am (Morning session will also be available via Facebook LIVE) “Covalently Functionalized BioChar for Chiral Sensing and Detection”  Presenter:    Dr. Stephanie MacQuarrie (Chemistry)  “Rutile and zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pb geochronology of high grade metamorphic rocks in the Bras d’Or terrane of Cape Breton Island”  Presenter:     Dr. Deanne van Rooyen (Geology)  “Pink shirts in Cape Breton: Straight teacher allies in schools”  More »

Keynote: Dr. Imogen Coe

Keynote: Dr. Imogen Coe “Embedding Equity, Delivering Diversity, Saving Science” Location: CE 265 (Credit Union Room) Despite many years of effort, most recent data (NSERC, Oct 2017 report; NSF Science and Engineering Indicators, 2016) has shown relatively little change in participation and retention rates of women in STEM-educational pathways and careers within the academy.  While More »

Curating our reflections on first-year

Location: VC Atrium In a research mixer style event, first year Community Studies students (COMS 1100) will present creative and visually-engaging projects that encapsulate their critical reflections on their first year in the BACS program. All are welcome, light snacks provided. 

Community Studies Symposium

Location: CS 101 + CS 104 This event showcases the capstone student projects for COMS 3100 and COMS 4100.  In COMS 3100, students have worked in groups on action projects that make a difference in the local community. In COMS 4100, students work individually on either a research project or a community action project. Results More »

SASS Thesis Defence

Location: CE 265 (Credit Union Room) Join the students in the SASS 4900 Major Thesis course for the defence of their theses.   “Reconstructing the Masculine Temperance Movement” Presenter: Grace McNutt Supervisor: Andy Parnaby   “What Canada Can Learn from the Portuguese Experience with Decriminalization of Drugs” Presenter: Kirk Morrison Supervisor: Margaret Dechman   “Self-Esteem and the Language of Identity More »

Island WISE Retreat

  Join us March 24th at CBU (Verschuren Centre) for a day-long Celebration of Women in Science and Engineering. The day is filled with inspiring stories of successful women in various science-related careers and engages students through various hands-on fun learning activities and lots of prizes.  Designed with high school and junior high school students More »

Understanding and Managing a Dynamic Landscape: Parks Canada Forum

Location: CS 101 Parks Canada places are our government’s commitment to protecting and presenting natural and cultural features for present and future generations. Although protection can imply leaving things to nature, we live in a dynamic world that is affected by human influence. Our relationship with nature, culture and history is always changing and needs More »

Representation on Screen

Location: CE 314 “You Meddling Kids”: Legend quests and the depiction of belief and the supernatural in Scooby Doo! Where Are You? Presenter:    Ian Brodie  (Cultural & Creative Studies)   “Holocaust Film and the Ethics of Representation“ Presenter:    Nat Leach (Cultural & Creative Studies)   

Sustainability Research at CBU

Location: CE 320 “The relationship between Sustainability and Climate Change Adaptation“ Presenter:    Bruce Hatcher (Biology)  “Top-up thoughts from the Pop-Up Thrift Shop” Presenter:    Katherine Jones (Biology)  “Cultural Perspectives on Sustainability: Friluftsliv 2.0” Presenter:    Pat Maher (Communities & Connections)  “The Sustainability Project: Educating for Community Engagement” Presenters: Terry Gibbs and Tracy Harris (Communities & Connections)   “Environmental Psychology class group projects – lessons learned” Presenter:    Geoff Carre (Psychology)  “Spaces and places: More »