Canada, It’s Complicated


Canada, It’s Complicated
September 16, 2017

A Brand New Comedy Show from Canada’s Leading Comedians, Writers and Performers
Canada, It’s Complicated is a brand new production under development by Mary Walsh (22 Minutes; CODCO), featuring sketches and satirical songs that examine the joys, foibles, tragedies and triumphs of Canada as it is today and into the future. Headlined by young comedic talent representing Canada’s broad cultural mosaic of Indigenous, Anglophone and Francophone comedic performers, the live performance will be accompanied by a soundscape and multi-media stage design.  As it tours, Canada, It’s Complicated will create new content in every province and region by filming a sketch or interview that will be the highlight of that evening’s performance. Thus, local residents will be part of the show as it evolves and tours across Canada.

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